I’ve still got IT!

My business has changed a lot since I bought my first longarm in 2004.   I added the Intelliquilter in 2007 and never regretted it.  I stopped doing custom quilts for customers in 2008 and stopped taking customer quilts all together this year.   Alas, my poor IQ tablet has died.  :(  Wasn’t a huge deal because I no longer do client quilts, right? Wrong!!!!  My SIL, Judy, who many of you know because she comes to most of the shows with me had a KING size quilt that needed to be done. If it were anyone else I probably would have said no but she is my right hand.   I can’t even tell you the last time I did a freehand overall design.  Could I still do it and do it well…. I am happy to say yes!  However, I do not want to have to do it again.  My aching back and neck….  I LOVE my IQ and can’t wait to get the new tablet!  (BTW, Zoltan from IQ offered to send me a loaner which I declined… why? because I didn’t think I’d need it.  LOL )

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Happy Quilting!


IMG_2217 IMG_2218

Missed Monday…. Rainy Tuesday

I am not a cold weather person but I think I would prefer snow and cold to this dismal rain.  We here at the Calle house are officially decorated for the holidays!


this little pig stands guard at our front door.  Surely he is scary enough to terrify any would be intruder.. ok, maybe not.

When I was in Houston for Festival, I got a lot of question about my rulers and whether they would work on a sit down machine.  Yes, yes and yes!!!!  You can use the rulers on a domestic machine with care just as you need to take care when using them on a longarm.  Like anything else, there will be a learning curve but ask any longarm quilter and they will tell you there was a learning curve when they first started using them on a longarm.  Patsy Thompson of Patsy Thompson Designs did a great video on ruler work…. in it she mentions that you need a ruler foot.  I do not use a ruler foot on my domestic, you just need to be careful.  I like to use the Machingers and I place my hand over the template and quilt sandwich so I move both at the same time.  I find it useful to have a little sandpaper on the bottom of the template to prevent slipping.

click here to see Patsy’s video.

In January, my friend Teri and I will be heading to Olde City Quilts to do a couple of videos on using rulers on a domestic machine so stay tuned for those in January.

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Happy Quilting!


Whole Cloth Wrap Up

Originally posted on Teri Lucas - TerifiCreations Blog:

It was with great pleasure that I delivered Moon Set to it’s new home.Moon Set Relived describes well the big chunk of emotion experienced. I made my intended delivery date and completed one major task before moving on to a new one.
Using a great variety of thread just makes me happy. I don’t always know how the end project will look and I kind of like that surprise.

Lisa Calle whole cloth challenge quiltLisa is still working on her quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing how she finishes this. She has a great start. Learning how to quilt on a domestic sewing machine isn’t easy after you’ve been a long arm quilter for a long time. Learning how to long arm isn’t easy after you’ve been a domestic machine quilter for a long period of time. Hey wait! What? I hope I wrote that correctly. Either way you go it’s all about practice, practice, practice…

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And the Winner is……


Congratulations to Tatyana Duffie!!!!  You are the winner!!

Email me at lisahcalle@me.com with your address so I can send you your Twin Size batting donated by Olde City Quilts, your 2 1/2 yd cut of Radiance donated by Teri Lucas and the Quilter’s Groove™ ProMax™ and Pro™ rulers donated by me.

Moon Set copy

Here is Teri Lucas gorgeous Moon Set!

Ok, as many of you know I had a setback in my quilting this year with a bad neck so I haven’t finished mine.  :(  However, I am still working on it… I am also using my BERNINA 750QE to quilt it on.  This means that there is a huge learning curve.


Hope you all had fun with this challenge!

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Happy Quilting


Winter Lips!


Brr, its cold outside!


Great for chapped lips!


Yesterday I posted on Facebook that my lips were going to fall off.  My good friend Karen Thompson reminded me that last year she made a sugar scrub to help scrub off all of the dry skin.  In the next comment, someone mentioned coconut oil…. this sparked my old memory.  I decided to melt some of my coconut oil (a small amount, about a teaspoon) and mixed it with some sugar till I got the consistency I liked and scrubbed away.  Now if you like coconut, this could be dangerous because I actually wanted to eat it.  LOL  Voila, nice soft (ok, softer) lips.

Now that my lips are better, i best get some work done.

Today’s Pretty….

I am having a fun day of feathering…. what are you working on?



Stay tuned… we are announcing the winner of the Wholecloth challenge on Friday!  The winner receives a 2 1/2 yd cut of Radiance (complements of Teri Lucas), a twin size batting (thank you to Olde City Quilts) and two rulers, the Quilter’s Groove™ ProMax™ and the Pro™ .

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12 Days of Christmas at Stone House Quilting


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Stone House Quilting

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Cyber Monday at Stone House Quilting


Wow, Cyber Stampede was just that…. it lasted all of 30 minutes to give out the 20 discounts.  Congratulations to all of you who were quick to email me.  I know some of you hit reply to the newsletter that I sent out and got bounce backs…. :(  but the good news is that you can still receive 15% off your entire purchase tomorrow by using the code CS15 at checkout.  This discount can not be combined with any other and is not valid for wholesale customers.

This sale was so much fun that it will happen again sometime in the future… maybe not in time for the holidays but definitely again!  Thanks all and happy shopping tomorrow.

Happy Quilting


Cyber Stampede Sale at Stone House Quilting

Cyber Stampede…. no risk of getting run over! Now is a great time to get some holiday shopping done. These codes are good for everything in the store, Quilter’s Groove Rulers, digital designs, paper pantographs, DVD’s etc…..


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Good luck!


Perseverence in Spite of Disappointment

I remember when I first started quilting, I’d be walking around a quilt show and admiring the winning quilts thinking one day I would be able to whip something out as effortlessly as they did…. I now know, I was a little naive because I thought that these award winning quilters just had a vision and then proceeded to whip up the quilt. Boy was I wrong. There is a lot of hardwork and hours upon hours that go into these award winning babies. I call them babies because a piece of you, or sometimes a huge chunk, goes into each and every quilt you produce. Now, years and numerous award winning quilts later, I realize that there is a common trait that most of these quilters have in common besides oodles of talent. They persevere despite disappointment. Those disappointments could be anything from not having enough of the fabric they wanted to use, a quilt not getting into a show, resewing a block for the 5th time, their fabric bled when they were blocking the quilt or they used the wrong color thread in the quilting. Yet despite all of these…. they persevered.

Yesterday as many talented quilters were announcing that their quilts were accepted into a national show, I had a disappointment…. my quilt, Crown Jewels, was not accepted.


 To say that I was not disappointed would be a lie. Of course I was! Was my quilt not good enough? Maybe, maybe not. Most likely, it just wasn’t what the show was looking for this time around. (at least that is what I am telling myself) Being a competitive person, sometimes this is tough to take. Why do I bring this up? To show that no matter how successful we have been or a particular quilt has been in the past nothing is guaranteed, we all experience disappointments but it’s how we move forward that is important. So despite my disappointment yesterday, I moved forward today.

I am currently working on my next competition piece… This particular quilt has been ongoing since last year. I like to challenge myself with each quilt I do. This time it is my first time doing hand applique and I am loving it!! I am using some fabulous colors of fabric from Cherrywood.


Because I challenge myself with new techniques on almost all of my quilts it creates a lot of those “what was I thinking” moments. Along with the hand applique, that who knows if it’s any good, I drew out this great interior border around a center star… drafting it was the easy part. I then had to figure out how I was going to piece it and get it together…. after MANY attempts, I was ready to throw in the towel but I really LOVED it and refused to believe that I couldn’t get it together in a decent way…. 


I managed to figure it out and got it together in way that I was satisfied with…. but when I say it wasn’t easy…. that’s putting it mildly. I started this quilt back in May 2013, I finished this part of the quilt in Jan 2014 …. it drained me of my patience and creativity so I put it aside till about 2 weeks ago… that’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about it. 


I am now getting back to it and of course running into more obstacles… but it will all be worth it.. at least I keep telling myself that.

Happy Quilting