Changes in Latitudes



January has come and is just about gone; so hard to believe.  As I write this post Mother Nature is giving us a little bit of my favorite thing…snow (and it’s really my least favorite thing) However, I think those of us in the northeast are in for some cold weather…ugh!


Last week I attended the Road to California where the temperatures were definitely warmer and the sun had no problem showing me its bright face.  What a great show!!  I can’t believe it’s took me so long to find my way to that event; I have really been missing out! While I was there I held 4 days of amazing classes.  My students were incredibly talented; I hope the invitation to come back and teach finds its way to my mailbox.

The year of 2019 has brough some major life changes to this quilter. I have recently moved BUT I’m only about 10 minutes away from my old house so I’m just a hop, skip and a jump from my “hood”.  What does this mean for my quilters??  Well, I have decided to take on customer quilts again. You might be wondering why.  After much soul-searching I realized  that I felt much more creative when I had the opportunity to actually just  “quilt”.  Yes, digital designs are easier to create, classes are easier to design, but quite frankly I really, really missed quilting.  So I have come full circle and have found myself standing in the shoes of where it all began.  I have chosen to produce mainly all over designs but I will accept one custom quilt a month.  If you are interested in either, please contact me at  I’m pretty excited about this and this gets a few of you excited too! That being said I will begin taking quilts Feb 15th!






Can you say “ANXIETY”?  I am transferring all my quilting equipment and materials from my incredible full basement studio to a much smaller basement studio. GULP I truly think the Netflix Show “Tidying Up” needs to make a quick stop at my  first quilting area and then take a look at my new one. Too many things bring me “Joy”.  To humor everyone and keep you all in the loop I will take some before and after pictures so you can witness the transformation; and oh what a change it will be!  I’m hoping that this will encourage me to become “neater” and more “organized”.  One can dream, can’t they?

Of course all of the Quilter’s Groove Rulers are coming with me and I will still continue to do some traveling in order to teach classes.  I wanted to share the new direction my life is taking me, and thank all of you who had reached out thinking I had been abducted by aliens.  Not to worry I’m still here, and 2019 is bringing many new adventures my way!


2018 Come and Gone


Seriously 2019, how in the world did that happen?  Just yesterday it was September and Brody was starting school; now we are into the new year.  Boy time flies.   I certainly hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season.  The holidays in the Calle household were wonderful but way too short.  I’m sad to report that the older boys already headed back at school.  😦

The New ProOvals are here! Unfortunately, I do not have a sample made…yet.  It’s on the top of my priority list. In the meantime, they are up on my site for 20% off till January 13th!  Don’t pay full price, shop now while the discount is available! There are 4 different sizes of ProOvals and they work just like the ProPebbles.  I know there is tons of creativity brewing in all of you, so I can’t wait to see what you produce with these new rulers!  Feel free to share!


Mid Atlantic Quilt festival here I come!  Yes, I will be vending for the second year in February and I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ll be planting my roots in Booth #313.  Last year brought such an amazing time I simply had to come back! This year will not disappoint as you’ll find Jolene, Jackie (Jackie’s Woolens – the booth next to us), Barb, and of course myself, taking over the convention center. Don’t miss out, come join the party.  I guarantee you find amazing products and nonstop laughing. Fingers crossed I am hoping to have my new pattern and kit done, Marmalade Skies (see below).   Perhaps, if enough of you flatter me with how much you like it, I’ll be motivated to have it completed on time. LOL  Seriously, I absolutely love Cherrywood fabrics, and I also have a fondness for pinks.  I did take into consideration that not everyone has the same taste as me so I produced another colorway.  This is a project takes no time at all as it is fusible applique and blanket stitch.  Hopefully you will give it a thumbs up.


Yes BIG, BIG news!  I am returning to the business of accepting customer quilts.  Or maybe I should say taking small steps into the customer quilts arena.  Regardless of the size of my steps this is still BIG news!

Starting in March,  I will begin taking on a few customer quilts a month.   Initially I will only be completing “all over designs”.  So if “all over designs” is something you’d like me to produce for you please email me at, and I’ll place you on my list!

Don’t forget to visit me in February! Booth #313 at Mid Atlantic Quilt show!!

Happy Chrismahankwanzakah!

 Santa is providing me with an early Christmas gift; I’m heading to the Dominican Republic for a little R&R (I guess Santa thought I was a good girl this year).  So I thought I shouldn’t be the only one getting in the holiday spirit.   That being said, I’m sending a great holiday sale your way.

My present to everyone is a  15% off storewide!  The sale that will run from  Dec 16th through Dec 24th!  My quilting sleigh could be filled with goodies heading your way if you take advantage of my holiday sale.  (my online classes use code FIFTEEN) (excludes iquilt classes).

Although orders will ship out AFTER Christmas there is no need to pout… just think your holiday season will extend past the 25th!  Now is the time to fill your stockings with those rulers you have on your “Holiday Wish List”!




Turkey..Pie..Nap…Oh MY!


The sun is shining brightly in Hilton Head where I prepare to tee off for a round of golf; my second love in life. But before I venture into the rolling, green hills composed of 19 holes I wanted to wish all my fellow followers a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope your plans include eating WAY too much turkey, indulging in a few holiday drinks and slumbering peacefully as Mr. Tryptophan slips you into nappy land.  Those are my intentions for the next 24 hours!

     What would Thanksgiving be without including Black Friday and Cyber Monday? So let’s whoop it up and celebrate those two unofficial holidays with a sale! You don’t even have to leave your home, I’ll help you get into the spirit of holiday shopping AND allow you to stay in your pajamas!

15% off storewide!  This will include my two online classes Perfect Plumes and Anything but Junk: Tell All!  Use code FIFTEEN for online classes.  (note: iquilt classes are excluded)

Now’s the perfect opportunity to purchase those rulers that you’ve been yearning for but guilt has held you hostage. Or perhaps you want to create those beautiful feathers and my online classes have been calling your name.  Not only will you finally learn the skill of designing feathers but you’ll surely be entertained during my online trunk show.

I’m quite sure you’ve been good all year and deserve a little “To Me, From Me” present or two!  I give you permission to treat yourself and smile knowing you’ve taken advantage of a great sale!

Regardless of what you choose to do over this Thanksgiving holiday I wish you peace and prosperity.


Lisa Where The Heck Are You?


I’ve recently received a couple of messages of, “Lisa, where are you?” and “Lisa why haven’t you shown us any love over the past two months?”.  Firstly, I’d like to thank those individuals who sent those kind inquiries.  Secondly, has it really been two months?



Unfortunately, I’ve been fabric deep in completing all the boring, and daunting, administrative aspects of my business.  Nope nothing quilty, or fun has been transpiring in my studio.  I’ve been doing more pencil pushing than threading needles that’s for sure!

Now if you are a current blog follower the saga of  Oh, My Bleeding Heart. is nothing new to you. What will be new is that the saga wasn’t quite over since I last posted. And here’s why; I chose to block it again right before Houston. Why I would push my luck with this quilt I have no idea. Because once again the piece bled; did I mention that I brought this upon myself right before my trip to Europe.

Obviously time was not on my side so I couldn’t take a stab at removing the bleed (for the second time). So I stood peering down at this project with two options. One choice was to simply pull the quilt from the show, but this would prohibit me from being able to submit another design for next three years (that’s 1,095 days).  My other option was to move forward and provide Houston with what sat before me; bleed and all. Do I? Don’t I? Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment but I chose to send “Oh My Bleeding Heart” to Texas.


I was in total disbelief when I received a notification that it had won an award. I’m still pinching myself trying to comprehend that this quilt found a way to speak to the judges.  Why, or how, it won I won’t know until the awards ceremony.  I’d like to think that between the name of this piece, and the bleeds that appeared, its voice resonated with those gazing over its content. Maybe this quilt symbolizes the beauty and the flaws that resides within each and every one of us. Its voice shouted “regardless of circumstances, I am worthy of being noticed and acknowledged”. Whatever the reason I’m so proud that, imperfections and all, this quilt stood out and spoke to those in its presences.

Now, if this quilt speaks to you… you can have a small piece of it.  The small quilt below will be auctioned off.   Yes, you will have the opportunity to bid on this little quilt that certainly provided a journey within my heart. This is such a bittersweet moment for me; I love this quilt so much that I might just have to bid on it myself! LOL

So Houston is just around the corner! I will be in booth #1334 this year which is right across the aisle from BERNINA!!  Will I see you there? I sure hope so!


Birmingham, Switzerland~Oh the Places I Go!

This year’s Festival of Quilts, located in Birmingham, UK was beyond words. Having the opportunity to meet all my European, Facebook friends was priceless. Between the classes, spending time in the BERNINA booth, and hearing those around me rave over the Q Series the event was amazing. I love when I listen to clients share the same enthusiasm that I do over a product; like the incredible Q Series! Unfortunately, my rulers sold out, however, there’s no reason to hit the panic button. If you are in the UK you can visit Frank Nutt BERNINA and there you will find my rulers readily available.

Hotel glitch ~ Yes there was a slight inconvenience during my short stay in the United Kingdom. Dare I say the HOT WATER in my room was often unvailable when showering. Sorry, but I don’t feel “exhilarated or alive” when tiny ice pellets descend upon my body. So, in order to make the best of the situation I regressed to my college days of living “dorm style”. This means I scampered down the hall, shower caddy in hand, to a room that did have hot water.  This continued each day when my shower chose to hang it’s invisible “Do Not Interrupt” sign from it’s showerhead. I will never take a lukewarm, fairly warm, or hot shower for granted ever again!

Onto Switzerland

My feet have now landed me in Switzerland. The above picture is the view from my room, pretty spectacular! Today is my “down day”, a day to take a deep breath and relax. Yet my mind is reeling with all the things I need to accomplish for the days ahead.  No rest for this quilter. Come Wednesday and Thursday I will head to the Creative Center in Steckbornt to teach a few classes; I cannot wait to meet many new faces and share my love of quilting.

After a great night’s sleep and a long, hot shower, I wandered along the lake by my hotel. It was such a peaceful stroll; gazing across the water I took in the sight across the way; Germany. It is so amazing to be in one country and have the ability view another country only a body of water away.  For more pictures and fun insight on my travels make sure you’re following me on Instagram for my Insta Stories….

One Last Thing..

Don’t forget the FREE domestic shipping til August 20th.   All orders will ship August 22nd.  I have also discontinued the ProCurve rulers but you can purchase them here.  It’s first come first get, so make sure you get before they are gone.



You Ordered…When Do I Deliver?

I know, I know you’ve ordered, so now when do I deliver?  Putting those items into your cart and pressing the “purchase” button is pretty exciting, but nothing’s more exciting than having those boxes appear at your door! That being said:

ALL orders will go out on August 22nd!

For those of you that missed the first announcement, or forgot, here’s a friendly reminder that ALL products purchased from now until August 20th, will receive FREE SHIPPING within the United States!

All Orders Will Go Out Aug 22nd

When This Quilters Away…

Comes Your Way!

You heard right!! While I’m away ALL orders shipped within the United States will receive FREE shipping until August 20th!

NO Special Code is required to receive free shipping!

So take advantage of this great offer, and fill your cart today!   And you’ll enjoy free shipping within the great USA! 

I can’t stay in Europe forever.  Unfortunately, I will have to return to reality which mean free shipping will come to an end.  So don’t miss out, you have until August 20th to take advantage of what is happening while I’m traveling abroad!



Only 24 Hours Left!

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Ain’t No Junk….

Woohoo, Ain’t no Junk is launched!  Did you secure your spot in the Facebook Live Chat?  Sign up for the class by Tuesday 7/24 and you are in!!   There are a couple great freebies in the class as well!!

Here is what Kate from Creative Women’s League has to say about this course…

I could never make it to one of Lisa’s trunk shows or in person classes so when I heard about Trunk Tell All, I was so excited. I knew I was going to see her gorgeous work but I never expected to get so much useful information about quilting! To get to hear the stories behind the quilts, while hearing how they were crafted, was so much fun. After Ain’t No Junk I was inspired to get to the machine and try out the techniques I had never previously thought I could do! I didn’t know what to expect from this class but I am so happy I took it!

— Kate Toney