A moment to brag……

I am so very proud of all of my kids, but today I am going to call out my middle one…. Noah.  Noah is a junior at Owen J Roberts Highschool.  When Noah was little he had some golf lessons but nothing really consistent.  About 2 years ago, he started to play quite a bit and last year joined the golf team at school.  (PopPop would be so happy) This year Noah made the varsity team and got to play in the PAC 10 Championship this past Monday.   He shot an 81 and missed the cut by 2 strokes.   Jon and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  PCTV filmed a couple holes and here is a short clip.

Quilt on, My friends!



Pa National Quilt Extravaganza!

It’s been a while. I got real busy with teaching and prepping for classes.  I think I use to quilt….LOL

I had the great opportunity to teach at a show in my backyard… this rarely happens.  The PANQE is about 20 minutes from my house so when Mary Claire asked if I would like to teach, I jumped on it.  I taught one class, my drawing Divide and Design.  I had a full class with 20 students all eager to learn.

These are just some of the drawings.  Everyone did a fantastic job.

Some of you were lucky enough to  meet my handsome husband…. who came in with a pink hard hat on.  For those that don’t know, I had a special exhibit of quilts at the show and my husband (who has never before been to a quilt show) invited some friends and family to come and see the exhibit.  He made the appearance in my class to invite all of my students as well.  It was an unexpected and nice surprise once I got over my initial embarrassment.  LOL

Here are a couple pictures…. my two worlds (golf and quilting) collided.  Some of by golfing partners with my students…


Thanks Patty, Lynne and Andrea for coming to see my other world.  :)

Quilt on, My Friends!


Jamie Wallen is coming to Olde City Quilts!!!

Did you hear??  Jamie Wallen is going to be at Olde City Quilts in Burlington NJ this week.    You can check it out here!

The trunk show is Thursday from 6-8.  I am going to try and be there….. who will I see if I make it?  You don’t want to miss this opportunity.  If you happen to be unfamiliar with Jamie and his work, you can check him out on his website.

I am hoping to make it there Thursday evening.   Crossing my fingers.

Quilt on, my Friends!


day 2 

we just finished day 2 here in Denver on the set of iQuilt. I am having so much fun!  I think if I were to chose a new career it would be in front of the camera.  Lol.  Maybe I should call the golf channel. 😉

We wrapped up the first class today and got a jump start on the next class.  Here are a couple pics from today.


quilt on, my friend!


Tuesday here in Denver

I’m here in Denver filming two iQuilt classes.  Yesterday was our first day of filming and it was so much fun.  Everybody on set makes it so easy!  Of course, it’s a little awkward in the beginning but I think I got into a Groove.  Hopefully I will pick that groove up where we left off.  

One thing that was very weird was having my makeup done.  I don’t ever remember a time when someone did my makeup.  I did take before and after pics but I’m tryin to get the courage to post them….maybe tomorrow.  

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped.  I’ll try to be better and take more today.  


Proline Rulers on a Sitdown!

Using templates on a sit-down machine is starting to gain traction with sewing machine companies making ruler feet!  This is exciting news.  Now, I am not a proficient domestic machine quilter as I have proven in my videos but Debbie from thequiltjournal.com is!

She recently reviewed my rulers from the sit down perspective.  Here is a link to see what she had to say…


Quilt on, My Friends!


you know the old saying….


So you know the old saying….. if you want something done, give it to a busy person…. well, its true!   These past couple of weeks have whizzed by.  Vacation, getting ready to film iQuilt (which I hope I did everything I needed to), finishing writing the manuscript for my book (this should be done by Friday, only a couple of days late), working on a new ruler AND getting the kids ready for school….

It is no wonder that I got the dates mixed up for the guild lecture that I did last night.  I had down that I was doing it in October.  How in the world did I miss it by 2 months…. Phew… at least they emailed me the day before.

What have you all been doing in August??  I hope someone has been making quilts because I sure haven’t.

Quilt on, my Friends!


Bonding time!

As many of you know, I have recently become a HandiQuilter Ambassador.  My new Fusion came to me in May and I was quite excited and ready to jump in.

Now, those of you who teach will understand…. I don’t get a lot of time to quilt.  :(   I know, you are all thinking, poor Lisa.  A lot of my time is spent on class preparation and developing new classes.  My online business also keeps me hustling.  So while I had a chance to play a little  once I got it set up, I didn’t have a lot of time.  This past week, I got a chance to quilt!  Yeah me….. Here is what I was working on….

Lots of fun!

Quilt on, My Friends!