Whether it is a new haircut, new school or a new machine, change is always a little scary.  It was time for a change in  my studio and I’m absolutely thrilled.  As some of you know, I have sold my A1 to a wonderful couple in Delaware who assure me she will have a great home.  It was bittersweet as I have been quilting on her for 10 years.  That is a LONG time.  We produced many beautiful quilts together…. these are just a few.

But it was time.  Many of you have asked over the last several months what machine I was going to get.  I looked at them all…. Innova, BERNINA, etc…. I have settled on

HQ Fusion

There are many reason why I chose this machine and it would take me forever to go into all of them but to touch on a few….. I have used HandiQuilters in my hands-on classrooms for a while now and have never had any issues (this is huge when there are so many people using the machines.  The Fusion is the midsize machine and I love the added bit of throat space I get vs my A1.  It is a little bit heavier but not by much.  The people that work for HandiQuilter are top notch.  I haven’t met one person who I haven’t throughly enjoyed.

As with any new machine, there is a bit of learning curve.  Since it is a little heavier I find that my feathers either don’t close or I over shoot.  This will work itself out as I use the machine more.  I tell you this so you don’t think that there isn’t a getting to know you period.  I also have the ProStitcher which as of yet  I have not used… I’ll have to wait till after my Canada trip.  I am looking forward to exploring this new tool.  I am not a computer newbie as I had the IQ so hopefully I’ll pick it up quickly.

Here is some of my work on the Fusion…..


I’ll post more pictures as I go.

I am excited to be a part of the HandiQuilter family as an ambassador!


Quilt on, My Friends!


Great Tip!

Many of you probably already do this but I just did it and love it.  Thank you Maddie of Spool for posting this on Facebook.

How do you press your blocks?  Do you want them to lay flat…. here is the trick!  Thank you Generation Quilt Patterns!

Quilt on, My Friends!


Oh Canada….

I have been busy today packing up rulers and quilts to ship to Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton, Canada.  I will be teaching there on July 8,9,10 and 11th.  There are still spaces and I have a new hands-on based on my Divide and Design technique.  We will be working on a small nine patch block….

We will take something that looks like this…


and we will turn it into this…

Simple Nine Patch

Simple Nine Patch

This is a 6 hour hands on class….  I can not wait to teach it!  If you aren’t familiar with rulers and this looks scary, we are having a beginner ruler class as well.  Who is going to join me?  There are still spots available.  I hear Canada is quite nice this time of year.  :)


Quilt on, My Friends!


Graduation Festivites….

are over.  What a week.  The prep, the planning….. what a great time.  Instead of just giving Brandon money for graduation my husband came up with a great idea.  The party goers would determine how much we gifted him.

graduation invite graduation scorecard


WE all had so much fun….. he made out well.  Now, you will notice that in the fishing area, you could catch a turtle.  Yes, we have turtles in the pond as well as the fish…. my Uncle Tom caught a turtle…. made Brandon $50!

IMG_3012The day would not have been complete without a quilt…. my sister in law Judy made Brandon a t-shirt quilt and I quilted it…..


I had gone through all of our photos (not very dry eyed either)  to put together this framed “through the ages” picture…



We still need to fill in the check …..



Looking forward to the many more milestones to come!

Quilt on, My Friends!


PS, I did put a quilt in this post.  ;)


Best Eyes have it!

So, to go with the graduation theme this week, Brandon was voted as having the best eyes.  I couldn’t agree more since he got them from me. ;)  I do think his are better though.

What do you think?

Brandon  35 Brandon  34 Brandon  25

brandon pic

ok, I promise next week we will be back to quilt related stuff.

Quilt on, My Friends!


Warning: Proud Parent Alert

This post has nothing to do with quilting!

This is it!  Brandon’s last week of high school.  He graduates on Friday, we are so proud.  He will be going to Elizabethtown in the fall.  He will be studying Physical Therapy and playing lacrosse.

Congrats Brandon!  We love you!  It goes so fast…. not sure where the time went.


Brandon  24



Quilt on, My Friends!


TQS: The Quilt Show

As many of you know I filmed the Quilt Show with Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson.  While there getting ready, they do a kind of get to know you interview… pretty informal.  Where can you see it, you ask?  I will post the link but first I want to say…. why couldn’t they lose this?  Really, I am really that boring… I realized that I have no one quilter that influences me or is my idol.  I gave this some thought yesterday after Gilbert posted the video on my Facebook page…. I am influenced by all of you.  That’s right!  You are all my quilting rock stars.  I learn so much from all of you.  I look forward to my classes so much because of all I come away with. So Thank you!!!

And yes, if I could I would be a professional golfer…. I played today… only 9.  Alas, the LPGA is NOT going to be asking me to come and play!  They might for a little comedic relief.  LOL

I digress…. If you ever want to get on my good side… Reese’s Peanutbutter cups are a good start.  What I also should have said was Swedish Fish.  I can eat those by the bag and I’m not talking about the small single serving bags.

ok here it is…. Watch at your own risk.  I sure hope I am more articulate in the actual show than I am in this interview.


Quilt on, My Friends!


Overcast Wednesday

Its been rainy the past couple of days but we have really needed it so I am not complaining.  Not nearly like what has been going on in Texas.  I hope all of my Tx friends are well.

Working diligently on projects for my book.  I will be a quilting fool soon.  I have 3 that are ready to be quilted.  I think I should have done them as I went.  Nahhh, that would be too easy.   Here is a peek…


ok, so maybe that’s not a peek but a tease…. I have missed my BERNINA  and it felt good to be sewing again.  I tend to get bogged down in the day to day business stuff.  P.S.  the fabric is from my friend Barb Persing’s new line by Island Batiks….. Lavish.  It will be out in Jan 2016.  :)


This wonderful quilt was made by Robyn Cuthberson using my Mastering the Mini technique.  Way to go Robyn, You did a fabulous job.  She learned all about it on my Mastering the Mini DVD.  I’d say she mastered it.

Quilt on, My Friends!