Tension…. It doesn’t have to Cause Tension

One of the most frustrating things in quilting is most definitely tension issues. It can cause the most patient person to loose their sh*t! So what causes the issues? The list is a little long! Thread, needle, fabric, batting, tension on the quilt top, the full moon, the half moon… 😂 ok well, maybe not the moon but sometimes it feels like it.

So let’s talk a moment about the stitch…. basically your top and bottom thread interlock and hopefully it is within the batting. Many times you will get something called the railroad… this is when the stitches lay on either the top or bottom of the quilt. If you are worried about your stitches on the back of the quilt, run your fingernail over the stitches… if it feels bumpy… you have a problem and you’ll need your seam ripper.

What to do when your tension is off.

  1. Adjust your tension disk.
  2. Rethread your machine.
  3. Double check your bobbin tension, clean out your bobbin.
  4. Loosen the tension on the quilt backing.
  5. Put in a new needle (consider changing the size needle)

If these things don’t work… here are some things to consider.

  1. What type of fabric are you using? Batik – consider using a ball point needle. Is it that white on white fabric? Sometimes you can use a silicone spray but your best bet… don’t use this fabric.
  2. What type of batting are you using? If it is really thin… there is not a lot of room for the stitches to interlock. Is it a high quality batting… sometimes using the cheaper batting can cause tension issues or even thread breakage.
  3. What type of thread are you using? Using high quality thread can reduce tension issues. Sometimes old thread can cause issues as well.

When all else fails… walk away. There have been times when I had tension issues… after spending way too much time trying to fix it, I decided to stop for the day. Came back the next day expecting the same issues… but alas, I believe a little helper came in the middle of the night and fixed it. Now that doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes walking away gives you some clarity.

It’s Done! Finally!

I feel like I have been starting all my blog posts with…. it’s been a while. I promise I will try harder to not let that happen!

Here’s what I’ve been up to!

The past 6 months I have been feverishly working on a comprehensive online course! And guess what??? It is finally done.

I had 32 fabulous students help me create this class and their input was invaluable! To all of you…. my biggest thank you!

The nerve wracking thing about creating the class is that as the students were hard at work on one week… I was working really hard on the following week. So I was only a week ahead of them. But I will tell you… if I had waited and created all the content before getting my beta group… the class would likely still be in my head. The process was very fluid which meant that if the students gave me feedback on providing more explanation… it was easily done.

This class took me out of my comfort zone which is something that I tell my students all the time. One of the aspects that I loved most about the class were the Zoom meetings. It was so great to see all of the faces and have productive Q & A’s! We became a little family. The students were super engaging on the private FB page. It was wonderful to see them supporting each other.

The great news is the lesson are prerecorded so you can learn when it is convenient for you! And the best.. you have lifetime access to the class.

Enrollment is now open, however, it is only open til March 28. As the first lesson is available March 29 and a new lesson will be available each week. If you sign up before Mar 22, you will receive the Perfect Plumes class as a bonus!

For all the details… click here! Don’t miss out, this is the only time the class will be at this price!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions

Whatcha Doing??

Well, we are flying into March and I’m not sure where January and February went! I have been diligently working with my Heirloom Quilting Academy (HQA) students! It has been so much fun and quite challenging as well. Lots of new tech stuff being learned all while creating the best online class with the help of my BETA group! I will be opening enrollment again soon for HQA, so if you are interested then make sure you get your name on the list! Here is a link for those that are interested in taking their quilting to new levels with personal help from yours truly!

I have also updated my website to a new fresh look! Check it out and let me know what you think! I have added information about Heirloom Quilting Academy as well as new video page which I am still working on!

I’m curious…. what have you all been doing? I’d love to see some quilts that you all are piecing, quilting, or binding! Send me some love!!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Is is Jan already???

It’s been a while. I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions but I am determined to try and be more consistent with my blogging! So we shall see how that works out as the year progresses.

Currently I have my Founding members going through Heirloom Quilting Academy! They are on week 2! These very special people are helping me craft this course into something amazing! So I want to thank each of them! I will reopen this class for enrollment at the end of March/beginning of April! Stay tuned for more details.

I am currently working on a mini course as well. This is all about samplers and figuring out how to design the quilting. I use to hate getting samplers in but when I apply the same technique I use on all my other quilts… well, they turn out pretty darn good if I do say so myself. So stay tuned for the mini course… it’s coming soon….ish. lol

Here is a little sneak peak of the sampler I am working on right now. Just need to go in and finish the fill work.

Hope you all are staying safe!


Looking for……

Hello all my lovely quilting peeps! As some know and some of you may not…. I am working on a class for January and it turns out I need some pictures that I think you all can help me with! Or at least I hope!

I am in need of pictures of quilt tops! I need busy ones, ones with open space… any and all! I am really in need of a sampler quilts! If you can help me out I would soooo appreciate it. They will be used in my design class.

If you are inclined to help and send me your pics….. email them to me at Lisahcalle@me.com

I would be so grateful!

Your needy friend, Lisa

Time Flies…..

I can not believe that it is October already! Where did the summer go? I am feeling much better, thank you for all of your well wishes. They are truly appreciated.

What’s going on in my world??? I’m so glad you asked… I am hard at work on a new course. It will launch in January and I am so excited. I reached out for help on a little research and your response was overwhelming. my hope is that my course hits on all of your pain points for doing high end/ heirloom quilting. So a little research was needed to make sure I do.

Please respond to elaborate on your struggles! This will be a comprehensive course!

Looking for a deal?

Well, it has taken 6 months…. and I have been down and out for the past week with fever, headache, stomachache and nausea. I am feeling better , not 100%, but better is good. I am currently awaiting the results of my Covid test and praying that it is negative. So for those of you that pray…. say a prayer. Meanwhile… business needs to go on even though it was halted this week. Those that placed orders this week… bear with me… I’m hoping to get them out this week.

So… in trying to keep things light…. I thought I would run a Covid sale! 19% off everything except my online classes. no code necessary. Sale will run til Monday Sept 7th. Not good on previous orders.

With that being said…. please be patient as most likely orders will NOT go out til after labor day! So please be patient. Also, make sure you check you spam folder for order info and/or shipping information.

Make sure you grab those templates you’ve had your eye on! Don’t miss out.

3 DESIGN RETREAT coming up! Don’t miss out! Look at what Moria worked on and accomplished in the retreat! She knocked it out of the park! Sign up today!

See what a past virtual student has to say!

Lisa provided direct instruction with this online class. I was able to benefit from her expertise and implement her techniques in my quilt. She also gives her students the freedom to create their own individual designs. Lisa afforded me the opportunity to challenge myself and finally work up the courage to complete an intense design. Thank you so much and I look forward to accessing her expertise in the future. Jennifer

Namaste everyone! I’ll let you know when my test comes back.


Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

One Week away from our Feather Bootcamp!

I am getting so excited for our Feather Bootcamp! There are still some spots left! Come join us Monday Aug 24 – Wednesday Aug 26th! 10am- 1pm!! Only $225 from the comfort of your own home as well as using your own machine! It doesn’t get any better then this!

We will be drawing and stitching each day! And the above photo is the final project for those that want to tackle it. The instructions are available for download when you purchase the class.

We will be covering 6 different feathers. Not all of them will be your favorite but you will find one that speaks to you!

Ribbon Feather
Longarm Feather

If you are just starting your feather work or have been struggling with them… this is the class for you! Hope to see you there!