Mini Me’s… hmmm….

I have been teaching now for quite a while and I hear this phrase spoken quite often….” I want to quilt just like you.”  This is very flattering to say the least…. however, I want you to quilt just like you!

My friend Teri Lucas wrote a blog post that got me thinking about this. ( make sure you read her post)  She was so right when she wrote that master painters didn’t become masterful overnight.  It took a lot of failures along the way before they got to where they are.

When I first started quilting , I wanted to quilt just like Linda Taylor, Renae Haddadin and Kim Brunner all rolled into one.  LOL   And I wanted it to happen overnight…… well, I can tell you  from experience that it doesn’t happen that way.  It is a lot of practice and hard work but it is so worth it.  When I look back at my earlier quilts, I can totally see their influences.  (btw, all great ladies, if you get a chance to take a class with any of them…. run to it)  Here is an example of my first “show” quilt.

Playing Hookie Full

I often look back at this quilt and wonder how I would quilt it now.   Probably much different… maybe I’ll give it a try in some spare time.

Like Teri, I don’t teach to create mini me’s but to inspire you to find your own style of quilting.  I encourage you to take classes from many different teachers, we all have something to offer and your quilting will thank you!

Quilt on, My Friends!



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