ProSpine™ rulers have arrived….

ProSpine Small : Shallow curve

ProSpine Small : Shallow curve


The ProSpine™ rulers have arrived… poor Fed Ex had to trudge through feet a couple inches of snow.  I have a limited amount in this order but have a second order coming.  So to celebrate the arrival of the new babies…. I will be offering them at 15% off till Sunday Feb 1st!   I will have them at Birds of a Feather as well.

ProSpine™ Small Deep Curve

ProSpine™ Small Deep Curve


Quilt on, My Friends!



11 thoughts on “ProSpine™ rulers have arrived….

  1. I have arranged for a friend to collect the rulers when she comes over there, but do you also do the 1/4″ hopping foot discs as well.

  2. That looks like it would be really useful, not just for spines but for a variety of curves. I am looking to buy 1-3 rulers to try with my DSM. What would you recommend in order to give me a variety of shapes I could create without breaking my budget.

  3. Yikes Lisa…….I ordered the ProSpine rulers but forgot to add the code. Can you change that for me? TIA

    Shirley Covington Sent from my iPad


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