Right Stashing!!!

Have you heard of Right Sizing?  I was Right Stashing!  January is a time for organization and my stash was not spared.  Here is the before picture…

Before Right Stashing

Before Right Stashing


Those little tubs you see are scraps sorted by color… or they are suppose to be.   I cleared the cabinet got some trash bags and went to work.

Progress in Right Stashing

Progress in Right Stashing

I filled 5 trash bags of fabric that I no longer wanted… How did I choose you ask?  It needed to speak to me immediately… if it did not, it went in the bag.   Once the shelves were cleared, I started to sort what was left… here are my solids… I love a good background fabric to show off the quilting.

Right Stashed Backgrounds

Right Stashed Backgrounds


Here is the final reveal….

Final reveal

Final reveal


Now I am ready to go buy some new fabric!  I don’t know about you but there is something so inspiring about new fabric…. Can’t wait to go!  If I’m lucky it will be this weekend.

February is almost here….. every Friday in February I will be sharing a feather tutorial.  The plan is to show it drawing, stitch it out on the longarm and then stitch it out on the domestic…. oh, the domestic… wish me luck and join me for February’s Feather Fridays!!

Quilt on, My Friends!


10 thoughts on “Right Stashing!!!

  1. Hi Lisa!
    I love your rulers (just ordered the newest set) and love your blog and teaching.
    Now, can I love your craps that you don’t love anymore?

  2. Next time you clean like this you should bag up you scraps and offer them as a ‘free give away’ to one lucky winner. I bet you would have lots of takers. Especially for those who like to make scrap quilts.

  3. I did the same thing this month, had 5 garbage bags and 4 boxes of fabric. after my quilting buddies had a go thru it, all the fabric went to a community group that makes quilts for different charity organizations. I am happy that fabric I was never going to use, is going to be made into great comfort quilts.. I love having room on my shelves for new fabric and love knowing what I actually have..

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