Mini Me’s… hmmm….

I have been teaching now for quite a while and I hear this phrase spoken quite often….” I want to quilt just like you.”  This is very flattering to say the least…. however, I want you to quilt just like you!

My friend Teri Lucas wrote a blog post that got me thinking about this. ( make sure you read her post)  She was so right when she wrote that master painters didn’t become masterful overnight.  It took a lot of failures along the way before they got to where they are.

When I first started quilting , I wanted to quilt just like Linda Taylor, Renae Haddadin and Kim Brunner all rolled into one.  LOL   And I wanted it to happen overnight…… well, I can tell you  from experience that it doesn’t happen that way.  It is a lot of practice and hard work but it is so worth it.  When I look back at my earlier quilts, I can totally see their influences.  (btw, all great ladies, if you get a chance to take a class with any of them…. run to it)  Here is an example of my first “show” quilt.

Playing Hookie Full

I often look back at this quilt and wonder how I would quilt it now.   Probably much different… maybe I’ll give it a try in some spare time.

Like Teri, I don’t teach to create mini me’s but to inspire you to find your own style of quilting.  I encourage you to take classes from many different teachers, we all have something to offer and your quilting will thank you!

Quilt on, My Friends!



Rulers on a Domestic machine… way!

Yes way!  I have been playing around with rulers on my domestic machine and it works great!  If you have a ruler foot it makes it a little easier but it isn’t a necessity.  What prompted this??  I got a TON of questions about whether or not you could use my rulers on a domestic machine while I was in Houston this past October.  The ProLine™, ProCurve™ and ProCurve Lite™ are a little tricky if you don’t have a ruler foot.

Here is some of my work on my BERNINA using my rulers.

Lisa Calle whole cloth challenge quilt

Teri Lucas is a master and agreed to show us how it works.  Follow the link for an informative video on using rulers on a domestic.  We were very informal but you’ll get some great information.  We hope to do more in the future… maybe we will even try and be more professional…… hmmm, maybe…

Quilt on!



Latest Happenings…..

First , I have to thank you all for your wonderful name suggestions!  So far I have narrowed it down and these are the ones in the forefront.  I could change my mind as I am quilting but who knows….

Citrus Starburst

Persian Rose

Mimosa Blush

Navigating my Passion

Raspberry Fields

Raspberry Delight

Love to hear more if something pops into your head.

I am going to chronicle my journey with the quilting so make sure to subscribe to my blog.

So I printed off my black and white print out but I had some trouble seeing the area I wanted to work on. So I zoomed in on the center and printed that off.  Here is what  I have so far….


A couple of weeks ago, I spent a Friday at Olde City Quilts with Teri Lucas!  We were filming how Teri uses templates on her Domestic machine.  While I was in Houston, I got a lot of question as to whether you could use templates on a domestic machine.  The answer is YES!!!  Teri makes it look so easy.  I will be posting the link on Friday barring any unforeseen computer glitches, so stay tuned!! Here are some of the very talented quilters who used this method.  Come join us.


Quilt on!


Missed Monday…. Rainy Tuesday

I am not a cold weather person but I think I would prefer snow and cold to this dismal rain.  We here at the Calle house are officially decorated for the holidays!


this little pig stands guard at our front door.  Surely he is scary enough to terrify any would be intruder.. ok, maybe not.

When I was in Houston for Festival, I got a lot of question about my rulers and whether they would work on a sit down machine.  Yes, yes and yes!!!!  You can use the rulers on a domestic machine with care just as you need to take care when using them on a longarm.  Like anything else, there will be a learning curve but ask any longarm quilter and they will tell you there was a learning curve when they first started using them on a longarm.  Patsy Thompson of Patsy Thompson Designs did a great video on ruler work…. in it she mentions that you need a ruler foot.  I do not use a ruler foot on my domestic, you just need to be careful.  I like to use the Machingers and I place my hand over the template and quilt sandwich so I move both at the same time.  I find it useful to have a little sandpaper on the bottom of the template to prevent slipping.

click here to see Patsy’s video.

In January, my friend Teri and I will be heading to Olde City Quilts to do a couple of videos on using rulers on a domestic machine so stay tuned for those in January.

Don’t forget the 12 days of Christmas sale is still on at Stone House Quilting till Friday!

Happy Quilting!