You’re a Hard Habit to Break/Make


One, two, or three( cannot go beyond three), yes, we all have them.  Habits, whether good or bad, take up space in our daily routine.  I figure after sharing my quilt travesty why stop there? I might as well turn the page on the open book of Lisa Calle.

Bad Habit #1:  While I am quilting I have a tendency to throw all of my thread snips onto the floor.  This then requires me to vacuum up all those lovely little snips at a later date.  Dare I say a much later date, an extended date that I push-off as long as possible.  The consequence of this snip littering has me entering a store with various colors and lengths of thread dripping off my pants.    I look like an episode of Project Runway gone bad, really bad.  I keep forgetting to keep a lint roller in my car, definitely not the way to break my habit but it would allow me to keep an intervention from occurring.

Bad Habit #2:  Making sure my family is fed on days that I am immersed in my studio; which is typically Monday through Friday. Yes, they actually expect to be fed, they are obviously a bit clueless to what the addiction of fabric does to a quilter.  Let’s clue them in shall we…no dinner!

Good Habit #1:   And at this time there is only one that I am going to report, I need to think on a few others (or rather think if I have any others).  Prior to beginning a new project after completing one I MUST clean my studio.  I need to start my new design in an area that is nice and tidy.  But within mere hours I revert back to bad habit #1 as thread snips cover the floor, and various tools/materials take over my work space.

What habits take over your quilting life?  Please tell me I’m not the only one that allows their family to starve for a majority of the week? By the way there is always frozen waffles and pizza in my freezer!

15 thoughts on “You’re a Hard Habit to Break/Make

  1. My bad habit is procrastination. I’ll find any number of reasons to say I’ll start in a few minutes — which becomes a few hours, and then tomorrow. Good habit? I do oil and clean my Bernina every time I use it. 🙂

  2. You’re not alone, I too toss snippets..learned that habit watching Eleanor Burns on tv..she tossed snippets over her shoulder..I thought you were supposed to do that! Anyway, Finally got two kiddie sand pails with easily detached handles and put them on both ends of the belly excuses now..the little snippet catchers are just an arms length I’m just a little neater..still have tools, and spools, and rulers and such all over the place…Just fewer snippets!

  3. I do have a trash can next to my machine but I miss it very often and have thread and trimmings all over the place. I’ve gotten the really bad habit of putting thread trimmings in my mouth since it easier to hit! (I know, yuk!). The other day I had so many in there that I gagged! YUK again.

  4. I “pile” my threads on my longarm table – out of the way of the wheels. Then at the end of my project I scoop them up and toss them in the garbage at the end of my said table – because when I’m longarming to walk one extra foot to actually put the threads in the garbage is way to far to go 😀 I love your “good habit” and I think I will adopt that one!

  5. I keep the lint roller on my quilt and clean up right before I advance the quilt. I have 4 dogs, so these things are everywhere in my house. Dogs can only live in the kitchen/living area – no dog hair on long arm that lives upstairs.

  6. OH Lisa: Ditto to good habit #1 and bad habit #1!!! It might be a universal quilters disease! I also try to clean up in between projects. But I hate to stop to cook. So I try to make things I can serve as leftovers (meatloaf, lasagna,turkey). When that doesn’t work I am in trouble my husband will call to me and say, “it’s 5:00 I’m going to feed the dog.” I reply ok, I just have another row to sew. Then I hear, “it’s 5:30 I already fed the dog,”. “Ok” I say. Then I hear, well, I guess I’ll take the dog out now!” So that’s me que to stop sewing or quilting and get busy in the kitchen! Arrghhhh !L

  7. Thread snippets, fabric snippets – I have to agree that that particular bad habit came from watching Eleanor Burns. Good habit – I oil my longarm every time I use it, and clean out the bobbin area with every new bobbin inserted.

  8. I love containers. They are art in their own way and useful. I saw a video on how to trim your leftovers into useful lengths. She dumped her scraps in a pretty yellow bucket. The one thing I got from the video was that I didn’t own a yellow bucket. Now I have three. The yellow one holds my selvages I am collecting and will one day play with. The red one sits next to my cutting table ( which also serves as the coffee table) and all my rotary cuttings slide right into it. The blue one sits at my right when I sew and I usually get about 90% of the Threads in it without looking. When I longarm, I stick the loose Threads on my shoulder until I have a thread coursage. As to dinner, I think when the sun goes down it is time to stop sewing and start dinner. In the summer, male persons would poke there heads in my sewing room to let me know it was 7pm and were we going to eat tonight. Also taking one day a week to plan, shop, and prepare in advance the meals for the week was a pain in my ass on the day and a relief for the rest of the week. You could do a few blogs on how quilters feed their familys.

  9. Amen to habit #1, but I’ve started sticking a square of batting on top of my longarm with a loop of painter’s tape, right next to my scissors. Then when I clip threads, I just stick them on that piece of batting, and when it’s full, I throw it away. Another bad habit is beating myself up over not being better at longarming. I really have a fear of rulers, having hit a couple with the foot a couple times. I’m so afraid of ruining my machine. I REALLY need to get over that one, because I love the look of ruler work.

  10. Ah. 🙂 I have a *thing* about thread bits and stray hairs. I’m a thread picker. I trim, I pick, I almost always get them in the trash. Usually. I try. AND I am good at cleaning up between projects and sometimes within projects, depending on the mess. I do like it neat. But my definition of neat does change…

  11. When I am longarming, I’m good at getting my thread tails in a pint canning jar but when I am sewing, I toss the threads in the direction of the trashcan (and sometimes hit it!). On my cutting table I have a beautiful tall purple vase that I put all my trimmings in and when it is full, I empty it in the trash. I am horrible when I am ripping out stitching (not quilting)…those little pieces generally end up on the floor. Isn’t that why vacuums were invented??

  12. I think my Bad Habit #1 may be killing my vacuum. The thread is everywhere, including on the welcome mat outside the front door.

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