A Mantra I Have Lived By

I have stated in the past that I will typically have three projects going simultaneously (cray or not, that’s me).  My typical circus involves one in the piecing state, one incorporating an appliqué project, and finally one pertaining to quilting.  Like I said that would all be “15 years worth of typical” until now.

To be honest and bring clarification to the previous statement:

I currently have one in the quilting process.  Yes, it feels to me as if it will be the never-ending project BUT I haven’t refuse to give up on it!


I have TWO, yes count them “TWO” in the piecing stage and believe it or not I am contemplating a third.

Project 1 of Piecing:  I hate to leave you all in suspense but this is a special project. Unfortunately, I cannot provide further details until late March. Sorry, but perhaps some of you will return in March to see exactly what I am talking about..lol!

Project 2 of Piecing:

I am sure that it will come as no surprise to many of you that I making use of my all time favorite fabrics in both projects.   Yes, “Cherrywood”  fabric is awesome! Now, seeing as  I had the bleeding issues on my previous quilt, I pre-washed all my fabric in my kitchen sink.  Using extremely hot water (almost too hot to handle) and good old regular blue “Dawn Dish Detergent”.   Please note the darker fabrics took about 5 rinses before the water appeared to run clear.

Project 3:  Well, I suppose it better be an appliqué project, right?!  I’ll have to give that one a little more thought.

How many projects do you have going at one time? We all have them.  Perhaps you are very disciplined and only concentrate on one at a time idea, or maybe you are a bit like this quilter and have your hands full of a few things going on at one time.  Regardless, I’d love to hear how you balance your one project or many projects simultaneously!





Because you just NEVER know!

12 thoughts on “I REPEAT……

  1. I have way more WIPs that you do – yikes! Maybe about 8-10 piecing, 5-6 that need quilting, two additional that I’m hand-quilting, and one quilted that needs binding. Only one of the piecing WIPs is a machine applique project; no hand applique for me!

    I just get so many ideas, get tired of my old projects, and feel so good starting something new that I end up with such a long to-do list! I do get quilts completed when Christmas, birthdays or baby showers are coming up, so only a few projects “stagnate.” I had cancelled travel plans for Thanksgiving, so I challenged myself to work on EVERY one of my piecing WIPs, even if it was to just take it out and see what I needed to finish the project. That felt good and reminded me how many WIPs that I have!

  2. I, too, keep several projects going. One usually on the longarm with several waiting their turns and at least two piecing projects going. I do keep an organized list of WIP and their progress. Projects are also in sterlite boxes neatly stored and awaiting time for me to move on. I get so many ideas and love working with the different colors that working on just one project would be boring for me.

  3. Hi Lisa: I usually have one on the longarm frame that I am working, one or two finished pieced projects (waiting for quilting inspiration) and one or more smaller projects for binding to be sewed down. But then there are the ideas swimming in my head and the patterns and books and rulers to try, oh My!!! I think that’s enough! L

  4. My problem is I decide on a project to work on but before I finish I have a brainstorm idea for another project! And heaven forbid if I would just write it down for later (that would make too much sense!). So I think well I’ll just get that new idea started… So at any given time it just depends on how many brainstorms I have as to how many things I have going. When I saw some people planning out for the year what they were going to accomplish that about sent my head into a spin storm! I know for certain I would never be able to stick to it and then I would feel like a failure! But it is all good, I love what I’m doing!

  5. I currently have two in progress that I HAVE to finish in February, a quilt of Valor cut out and ready to piece and quilt, a couple designs going in EQ8, and then there’s all those BOM’s a purchased last year that are calling my name!! LOL

  6. I usually have only one project in progress at a time, since my space is very small, and I only have room for one sewing machine to be set up. However, the one I’m currently piecing is getting a little repetitive, so I may take a short break and do a quickie project before going back to the piecing.

  7. I used to have several projects going at any one time and often found myself out of love with several before finishing them or turning them into something different to what they started out to be so I started to exercise self constraint and now I only have 3 on the go at any one time. I do now write down possible future ideas as they come into my head and when I look back a couple of months later find that some of them I crossed out there and then because they no longer appeal to me. Then I treat myself because I have not actually started those projects. We all need a treat from time to time

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