ProFeather™ Ruler Pre-Orders Start NOW!

Preorders are being taken now!


Just hang in there with me; those beautiful pieces of clear plastic will be in my hot little hands within 2 weeks!  Remember my last post containing  the video of hopelessness? If not, go back and watch.  If you did watched that little excerpt, and giggled, and moreover connected with my message then you really need to witness the ProFeather ruler in action.  I’ll admit, perhaps my acting wasn’t quite convincing enough to have you believe that this tool would be incredibly helpful.  BUT I am quite confident that the video below will demonstrate how unbelievably useful this instrument could be in producing feathers freehand!

Now that you have viewed my tutorial aren’t you super excited about getting your hands on one of cute little rulers? Yes,  FINALLY this product ready to launch! How about we let a flock of feather’s fly among your fabric!

Preorders are being taken now!

Happy April everyone! Orders will ship the week of the April 23rd!!

3 thoughts on “ProFeather™ Ruler Pre-Orders Start NOW!

  1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for your email announcement of your new feather ruler. I can’t order your new ruler at this time. I did want to say I have enjoy visiting your blog and YouTube videos. Your video of your journey of the swan was wonderful work. Just beautiful. But I have a question. The applique work you designed… did you secure all the applique pieces to the quilt top by turning under all the edges first and then ditching them on the quilt? Or are the individual pieces laser cut type and ditched down? It looks to me that each piece has been hand turned under and beautifully done. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your reply. I am new to your blog but have been quilting for a couple of years now and I love applique work. Have a great day. Blessings, Jan

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