“Quiltique” A Must See!


Yes, I’m talking about, “Quiltique” located in Henderson, NV.  The first word that comes to mind is…WOW! Lucky for me, I had the pleasure of teaching in their establishment.  I loved the shop so much that I wanted to share a small piece of it with all my fellow fans of quilting.   So take a look at video that has me yearning to go back!

It was three fun-filled days of classes and my trunk show “There Ain’t No Junk in Lisa H Calle’s Trunk”.  I must admit teaching ruler work on the domestic machine was a blast!  So although I am a longarm quilter, please don’t hesitate to reach to me if your shop or guild is interested in classes or lectures on the domestic machine.  Just shoot me an email.

  Take off those shoes! Thank god! It was wonderful to witness others in the world of quilting that feel the need to quilt barefoot.  My first day at Quiltique I attempted to demo in a pair of heeled boots, that was not the smartest choice I’ve ever made.

Traveling brings many adventures and fun finds.  Everywhere I go I am never disappointed in the unique and often humorous items I come across.  Quiltitque did not let me down, on the contrary, it brought a few treasures my way as you can see below.  And yes, that is a wine sippy cup.

You all know that I don’t  keep a large stash.  Nope, I am a  minimalist in that area, but I am trying to step outside the box a little bit as shown above.  I have decided for 2018 that if I encounter a fabric that calls my name I better buy it.  My past choices of ignoring my inner voice that whispers, “Lisa, oh what you could do with that material” always comes back to bite me.  Even after taking baby steps and purchasing the fabric depicted above, I need to disclose that material was also available in a blue and green colorway.  And the consequences of old habits would have it I am kicking myself for not purchasing it!  A call to Quiltque may be in order

I’m teaching locally at Ladyfingers, and at InStitches!  Hope to see some familiar faces!

There will be two BIG announcements coming your way; actually maybe THREE!  I’ll keep you wondering for a bit longer, so stay tuned!

10 thoughts on ““Quiltique” A Must See!

  1. Hi great info. Loved those fabrics too (but I do have stash to use first!). I will forward your info to our local guild for a domestic rulers workshop! Hope to see you! Thanks. L

  2. A trip to Quiltique always ends up with a thinner wallet, Lisa! I just came back from there again today. Your ruler work class was *great* — I’m *so* glad I was able to take it!

  3. Do yourself a huge favor and don’t turn into a fabric-holic like the rest of us. Seriously. I’m drowning in fabric and it’s tough getting into my space to sew. My spirit just drowns in the excess and I lose inspiration. I totally admire those of you who have a knack for fabric restraint. ….

    Now the wine sippy cup .. that’s a keeper! 😉 (I totally love your fabric choices though!)

  4. It was a pleasure being one of your students at Quiltique. I am sure they will ship to you anything you want. If not call me. I will FaceTime you anyway and we shall “shop” and I shall send you anything you need. I cannot deny a fellow artist her “equipments” =).

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