MQX and stuff….

MQX was fantastic!  Karen and I had the best time.  Since we didn’t have a booth and Zoltan was staffed in the IQ booth we had NO responsibilites..except to get new designers!!! Which we DID!!!   But it has to be a surprise so I can’t tell you who but they are very well known quilters! So stay tuned!  Oh yeah, I have to tell you that 5 of our designers won awards at MQX.  Celine Spader, Lana Corcoran, Sherry Rodgers Harrison, Marilyn Badger, and me.  What a talented group.  A big kudos goes out to Kim Brunner who is also a designer on our site,  She won Teacher of the Year!

Hula Hibiscus won an honorable mention in the Solo artist category.  The quilts ahead of me were gorgeous and deserved their ribbons.  I also received two teachers ribbons, one from Kim Brunner and one from Ronda Beyer.  So if you two are reading this THANK YOU!  Now the quilt is going to go to MQS.  I can’t very well send my quilt without me (well I guess I could, but what fun would that be) so Karen and I are heading to Kansas City for another 5 days of hard work.  🙂   I ‘ll give an update on that show when I get home.

The studio is done!!!  I kept saying I’ll take final pictures when it is clean.  But let’s face it, I’d be waiting a LONGGGG time.  So I put the pictures together in a little video (love my MAC).  Love my new studio more.  It is amazing how productive I am in my new environment!  I have a new employee too….  and it’s not Judy.

Sorry, he is just too cute not to put in my blog!  The older ones are too but they run from my camera now.  Here’s the new studio.

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