It Takes But One Small Ripple

The “Ripple Effect”

I love this concept

Had I ever experienced the “Ripple Effect”?

No I had not, that is, until very recently…

I Wanted to Bring Comfort During a Difficult Time  I know many of you will find the name “Paul Tuyp” sounding familiar.  He was one of my friends, really like a brother,  that recently passed away from cancer, he is greatly missed and will never be forgotten.  Prior to his passing I felt the need to find some way to bring him some comfort during his days of chemotherapy and being home battling that evil disease.  I could not fathom what he was enduring mentally, and physically.  Residing in a different state made visits and conversations challenging, but I wanted to bring a piece of me to his side whenever needed.  I chose to create a quilt for Paul, I yearned for it to be comforting and inspiring.  I emailed friends of his and asked if they were interested in sending me a short message to be incorporated onto Paul’s quilt.  The response was inspiring!

Get It Going  The quilt prior to messages being place into white blocks.  Didn’t realize what a big quilt I had created! Good thing Paul was a large man or I would have been in trouble.

Healthier Days  This photo is of Paul and his daughter.  This is the Paul I will always remember.  He always wore a constant smile and possessed the kindest soul.  Paul was one of those rare people who always made you feel as though you “mattered”  when you were in his presence.  You could be in a room filled with people, but if you were conversing with this magical man, he closed the rest of the world out and those walls held only the two of you.  Isn’t that all we want to achieve in life, making every moment matter? Well, I believe Paul conquered perhaps life’s most important lesson, making moments, and all those around him matter.

 “The Silver Dragons”  Paul and his gang of friends that have been together since preschool!  They were named the Silver Dragons and would eventually each obtain “silver swords”.  So remarkable to have such life long friendships. Watching this group over the years has been awe inspiring.  They would do anything for each other… and I have witnessed this.


 Comfort Quilt Reveal  I was lucky enough to receive a picture of Paul, family, and close friends as he saw the quilt for the first time.  He loved it! Smiles were shared around the room!

The One Small Ripple I Unknowingly Threw

The quilt provided Paul with a sense of warmth, comfort, encouraging message, and loving thoughts over his last few months.  Yet, I would not know the magnitude of this quilt, and how it had a “rippling effect” until this past weekend during his memorial services.

Witnessing the Rippling Effect   Attending Paul’s memorial services proved extremely difficult and yet profoundly enlightening.  I had tried my best to prepare myself for the sorrow that would consume my being, however, no amount of talking myself into keeping it “totally together” proved successful.  My tears would eventually give way to the emotional gates of loss and remembrance, over a very loved man.  What I had not readied myself for was the effect a piece of fabric had brought to so many different individuals.  The quilt had “rippled” beyond his presence and embraced others.  Paul’s daughter thanked me for the quilt as it will now provide her comfort and a daily reminder of her father.  Those that had emailed me messages to include on the quilt thanked me because it allowed them to share their feelings and thoughts to their dear friend.  Very quickly it became apparent that Paul’s quilt held several meanings.  Its purpose was priceless and its message was diverse.  I’ve never experienced such an outpouring of heartfelt gratitude and shared thoughts regarding a choice I made.  Had it not been for the unfortunate event of Paul’s service, I would never had known that I had created one small ripple. I would have never observed the “Ripple Effect” that transpired from doing one kind thing.

   It saddens me greatly to acknowledge that I have lost such a unique and priceless friend.  But leave it to Paul to depart, leaving me with one huge “moment that mattered”.   Paul made sure I realized how much that quilt “mattered” to others.  Moreover, Paul allowed me to feel and comprehend how much the “Ripple Effect” matters.   I thank you Paul, that gift “mattered” more than you will ever know.

Have you been part of the “Ripple Effect”? Have you been the cause of a “Ripple Effect”?

Bah Humbug to Christmas in November

It is the beginning of November and already Christmas lights, trees and various other seasonal displays are appearing everywhere I turn.  Just the other day my mailbox had me receiving Target’s first 2016 advertisement of Christmas toys.  I immediately dispensed of the eight page catalog so I wouldn’t have to endure watching Brody circling his choices of most “wished for” items that we would send to Santa.  I can only hope, and keep my fingers crossed, that my Christmas Catalog intervention will continue until the Thanksgiving holiday has been celebrated.

“Thanksgiving” is the season when we keep in mind those priceless gifts in life we receive on a daily basis. It is 30 days that should have each of us realizing, if we don’t already,  no one is promised tomorrow.  Each morning that we are given is an opportunity to better ourselves and those around us.  So although our tomorrows are being flooded with the sights and sounds of Christmas I am instituting a “RAOK Challenge” for the next 22 days.


RAOK – Random Acts of Kindness?  During my fabulous trip to Houston I kicked off my RAOK Challenge.  In case you have never heard of what this entails, it is very simple.  Completing a Random Act of Kindness essentially means doing something unselfish for anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.  Examples might be paying for the coffee the customer standing in line behind you is holding, walking up and handing a lottery ticket to an individual walking by you, or taping a little envelope with a $1.00 on a nearby RedBox machine. The ideas are endless and the spirit that fills the heart will be overwhelming.  Below you will see two instances where I wanted to create a Random Act of Kindness.


One recipient found a little something in my RAOK envelope at the coffee stand (shown above) Hope they enjoyed a cup of JAVA or soft drink!  And whoever sat in the lucky RAOK chair (shown below) was certainly smiling!img_1881-2

I now ask my peers to join me and participate in this RAOK Challenge.  If each of my fellow quilters creates a RAOK moment just think of the smiles and positive feelings we will be generating! In addition if you email me a picture you and your Random Act of Kindness (please include your name and location) to you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win both my DVD’s!!