February Feather Friday: The Hook Feather

Hi all, its that time again….. today’s feather is the hook feather!  Remember to practice …. doodle, doodle , doodle!!

In hindsight, I am quite happy with how my feathers turned out.  I like all of you might be too hard on myself.  Keep at it… once done, walk away and then come back.  I was impressed with mine after a short time away.  🙂



Birds of a Feather…..

flock together…

It was so great seeing everyone at Birds of a Feather!  I love this conference!  The venue is very nice with lots of restaurants in the area.  This conference is growing and Val is getting new teachers in as well.  Lots of classes to choose from.  If you haven’t checked it out, it is worth it!  I haven’t heard one bad thing about ANY of the classes taught there.

My classes were fun, as always… at least for me.  My students were sponges and soaked in all I had to offer. I am so lucky to have this job!

Here are some pictures from my Feathers for the Timid class.. and these ladies said they couldn’t do feathers… I’m pretty sure they weren’t telling me the truth in the beginning of class.


IMG_2422 IMG_2423 IMG_2424 IMG_2425


Here is my Divide and Design Class… boy, they picked it up and ran with it.  I was so impressed.






I hope to see many of you at MQX in April!  I will be teaching a HANDS ON Mastering the Mini, so you should be able to go home with a completed miniature whole cloth.

It was also great seeing some of the teachers that I don’t get to see a lot, Jamie Wallen, Sherry Rogers-Harrison, and Nancy McNally to name just a few!

Now i have to finish organizing the studio so I can get some work done… looks like a bomb went off in here.  LOL

Quilt on, My Friends


Beat the Winter Blues…. Take a Road Trip

Oh, the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful….. ok, no, I’m not going to torture you by singing.  I can’t carry a tune to save my life so I will spare you that.  But the weather has been terribly cold and most of you might know, I can’t stand the cold.  So I am flying south from Feb 6th -8th to Virginia Beach to teach at Birds of a Feather.    What?? you haven’t heard of it?  Where have you been?  This is a wonderful conference to further your machine quilting skills with lectures, hands on classes, drawing classes and lecture demos and  the faculty list is amazing!!!

Check out this great class!  I will not be teaching this class again this year on the East Coast so don’t miss out.

Totally Templates:

Totally Template Sample

Totally Template Sample

“Lisa relies on quilting templates to make the most of her complex and dynamic quilting designs. But using templates and rulers to stitch straight lines and perfect curves can be daunting. Join her as she shares her insider knowledge on how to use them and how just a few simple shapes open up 100‘s of possibilities. You will leave this class with a solid knowledge of how to make the most of templates and work with them with confidence. This is a beginner template class.”

Totally Templates

Totally Templates


Join me for this 2 hour hands on class on Feb 7th from 8-10!  We will have a blast!

Quilt on!