Now That We Are All Stuffed



I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  My wishes for you were that delicious family recipes were eaten, a breath was taken to push work thoughts aside, and most importantly moments with those dear to you were shared.

But now it is the start of the HUGE buying weekend..images-17

Retail – my way of life for many years.  Black Friday – a ginormous day for any merchant planning on coming out of the red.  This meant I geared up for that crazy day when one would witness mass chaos beginning at 7 a.m.  Have you ever seen grown adults have temper tantrums? Have you observed mothers negotiating over a product and willing to pay 5 times the sale price in order to walk out of the store with that “item of the year”.  One would think the day would pass by quickly, on the contrary it felt as though Black Friday was a never-ending day.  Restocking shelves, advising customers, and keeping a smile across my face was more than difficult. When I chose to leave the retail industry, Black Friday was one aspect of this profession that didn’t have me shedding a tear.

Black Friday, what to do?img_6895 So many choices and knowing I have an extra day added to my weekend is priceless.  What should I do? Is it a movie day, a quilting day, or do I consider venturing out to the mall?  Ah, the mall idea is a no go.  There aren’t sales HUGE enough for me to consider stepping into the Black Friday madness.  But a cup of tea and my laptop might have me online shopping just a bit.

Speaking of online sales:  **Don’t forget to take a peek at my 15% Holiday Sale today through Monday!


Tell me what you do the day after Black Friday.images-22 Do I have any brave Black Friday Shoppers out there? Or maybe some of you take a day to relax? The decisions are overwhelming aren’t they?

Flat Lisa is STILL in Pennsylvania?? Say It Isn’t So!!

WHAT,  Flat Lisa is STILL in Pennsylvania?! Say It Isn’t So!!  img_8873

Where is everyone? I know quilters reside in places other than Pennsylvania, so why is Flat Lisa stuck in Pennsylvania? Okay, perhaps you missed the Flat Lisa Reveal, maybe you skipped the Flat Lisa Reveal, or I suppose there is a slight possibility you aren’t interested in Flat Lisa.? Regardless, I will say it again I am eager to view my quilting friends globally.  That being said I’d like, one more time, to introduce Flat Lisa! Share with me your quilting studio, classes, shows etc.(be creative if you’d like).  Simply right-click on Flat Lisa below, save it to your computer and print out copy.  Take a selfie with you and Flat Lisa and send your picture via email to  –It’s that easy!!

****Make sure you include your location so that I can track where my adventures have taken me. All photographs will be posted AND you will be entered to win a copy of my book “Divide and Design”.  A winner will be drawn for end of this month.  You don’t have a lot of time, so come on quilting friends I know you’re out there!!




Whether it is a new haircut, new school or a new machine, change is always a little scary.  It was time for a change in  my studio and I’m absolutely thrilled.  As some of you know, I have sold my A1 to a wonderful couple in Delaware who assure me she will have a great home.  It was bittersweet as I have been quilting on her for 10 years.  That is a LONG time.  We produced many beautiful quilts together…. these are just a few.

But it was time.  Many of you have asked over the last several months what machine I was going to get.  I looked at them all…. Innova, BERNINA, etc…. I have settled on

HQ Fusion

There are many reason why I chose this machine and it would take me forever to go into all of them but to touch on a few….. I have used HandiQuilters in my hands-on classrooms for a while now and have never had any issues (this is huge when there are so many people using the machines.  The Fusion is the midsize machine and I love the added bit of throat space I get vs my A1.  It is a little bit heavier but not by much.  The people that work for HandiQuilter are top notch.  I haven’t met one person who I haven’t throughly enjoyed.

As with any new machine, there is a bit of learning curve.  Since it is a little heavier I find that my feathers either don’t close or I over shoot.  This will work itself out as I use the machine more.  I tell you this so you don’t think that there isn’t a getting to know you period.  I also have the ProStitcher which as of yet  I have not used… I’ll have to wait till after my Canada trip.  I am looking forward to exploring this new tool.  I am not a computer newbie as I had the IQ so hopefully I’ll pick it up quickly.

Here is some of my work on the Fusion…..


I’ll post more pictures as I go.

I am excited to be a part of the HandiQuilter family as an ambassador!


Quilt on, My Friends!


Busy Monday….

It is crazy busy here today…. getting packed for MQX as  I am on vacation right before the show.  Handouts finished up etc… Looking forward to seeing you all in NH!  There is still some room in the two classes I added…. Divide and Design on Wed. morning and Totally Templates on Thursday afternoon.  Love to see you.


As many of you know,  I LOVE Cherrywood fabric and if my bank account could handle it, I would own every stinking color Karla makes…. so I had ordered some wonderful  Kaffe fabric and low and behold it goes beautifully with the Kiwi berry pack of Cherrywood I picked up at Lancaster.


now i just have to figure out what  I am going to do with this luscious fabric!!! oh the possibilities…..

Quilt on, My Friends!


Bits and Pieces…..

Spring Show season is upon us and I hope to see many of you in some classes.  I recently gave a lecture at a local guild and encouraged them all to take some quilting classes.  Whether you quilt on a domestic, mid arm or longarm, you should peruse the classes.  Many of the classes I teach are drawing classes so it really doesn’t matter how you quilt.  So jump on in and sign up, there are so many talented teachers ready to impart their knowledge on you!

I will be teaching at MQX in April, HMQS in May and I will be in Edmonton, Canada at Sparrow Studios in July.   I will also be teaching this year at the Houston International Quilt Festival!!


I have started to mark my hand applique quilt, A Color of its Own, and am in the process of picking out thread colors…. I will be using FilTec’s Allure Buttermilk Silk thread and am in the process of choosing the perfect color of Aurifil Lana Wool.  Getting excited to start this project.



Tuesday, I will be traveling to Denver to film an episode of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms.  Woo Hoo!!!  Excited to meet them and see some friends while I’m there.

Quilt on, My Friends,



My Template story….

When I first started quilting, I stayed in the front of the machine and did my all over designs freehand.  Loved it!  My true love was for custom work.  Feathers in particular.  After hours and hours of practicing both on and off the machine… I had those mastered.  I started using templates.. probably the same way other quilters did… I had a straight edge and I would use it to SID (stitch in the ditch).  Once I mastered how to hold the ruler there was no stopping me.  I LOVE ruler work… you can see it in all of my quilts.  I am not alone in this obsession, look at most of the quilts in quilt shows… they have used a ruler somewhere.

Here is one of my first…

Playing Hookie Full

I am thinking about remaking this piece. As I would probably quilt it much different now.

ProSpine™ Small Deep Curve

ProSpine™ Small Deep Curve

photo-1 copy

crownjewelcloseupmarked IMG_0818



Gettin in the Groove Sample

Gettin in the Groove Sample

If you have been hesitant about trying templates in your quilting….. don’t!  They open up a whole other world.

I have a beginner template class…. Totally Template!  I will be teaching this class at Machine Quilter’s Expo  aka MQX (April, New Hampshire)  and Home Machine Quilting Show aka HMQS (May, Salt Lake City, Ut).  This is truly a beginner class. You will learn how to hold the template so that the machine moves easily and you get nice straight lines or nice curved lines… Jump on in!

Hope to see you in a class soon.

Quilt on, My Friends!



Lancaster Quilt show!!!

I attended the AQS Lancaster Quilt show on Wednesday and had to make a return trip on Sat as I didn’t see the whole show.

I have determined that I am not a great quilt show attendee by myself.  I like to visit all of the vendors that I don’t get to see while I am teaching and catch up.  That is pretty much what I did on Wed.  I didn’t really eve get to see the quilts.

So on the return trip I brought a friend to keep me on track.  LOL  We went through all of the quilts first.  Here is some eye candy for your Monday viewing pleasure…



First up is my whole cloth Crown Jewels.

IMG_2516 IMG_2517

Gina Perkes’ Nostaglia


Orange Zest by Kimberly Einmo and Judi Madsen


Janet Atkins Murdererskill Crossing


Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchinson Stars on Mars


Carolyn Rider Country Garden

These were just a few that caught my eye….

I made a stop at the YLI booth ….


And one of the main reasons I went back to the show…. Cherrywood Fabrics!


While I was there I was hoping lightening would strike and I would be motivated and inspired to quilt my hand appliqued top.  While I don’t feel that lightening struck…. I talked with Mark Hyland from Handiquilter and something he said made a huge impact…. “we can only focus on what we are doing and not those around us” ….. that is not the exact quote but you get the drift…  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what other quilters are doing and seeing their beautiful work that we can get a little lost in our own work…. at least I can.  So  I spent yesterday doing MY thing!  I have marked some areas on my quilt and have a few more (since I really don’t like to mark) and then I will load it up and hopefully have it done to enter into Houston.

I am so happy to get going on this top as I absolutely love it.  What fabrics…. why Cherrywood of course.

A Color of Its Own

Quilt on, My Friends!


Spring Forward…..

Well, I don’t know about you but this Spring forward stinks…. don’t get me wrong, I like it that it is light out later but why do we even still do this silly time change.  I think we need to  boycott when we get to Fall Back… what do you all think?

So this weekend, I went to the NJ Quiltfest!  Loads of fun with my pal, Barbara Persing… We helped out in Olde City Quilts booth… I don’t know about help… I played on the BERNINA Q24… the new longarm… what fun!  There aren’t a lot of days that I get to just play so this was like a vacation.  The machine stitches and moves like a dream.  If you get a chance to try one out, be forewarned… you’ll fall in love.

MQX is right around the corner… I have added on my beginner template class… Totally Templates… there is still some spots available. E268r – Totally Template Thursday April 9th 1-5pm!  Remember that you get the machine to yourself for 4 hours!!

Totally Template Sample

Totally Template Sample


From one quilt show to the next…. who’s going to Lancaster???  I will be there on Wednesday afternoon.  Maybe i’ll get to see the quilts in this show.  🙂

Quilt on, My Friends!


Friday’s thoughts……

*****Today I am making my way to the NJ Quilt Fest to help Rob and Judy in their booth.  Come see us… Olde City Quilts!  I will be playing on the BERNINA longarm!******

The snow has prevented me from making it to NJQuiltfest today.  I am going to be there tomorrow.  Hope to see you there.

I think I am going to stop by Jackie’s woolens booth for some bright wool fabric…. why you ask?

Some of you may remember I was working on a machine appliqué project…

IMG_2465I was absolutely loving it!  The colors , the flowers… all of it…. But have you ever have  project that in the end does not look as you envisioned it… well this is one of those.  It is complete and will reside in the BERNINA creative center even though I am not thrilled with it.

I have decided to remake it with wools and some hand sewing.  I am also having this pattern digitized so I can quilt it out.  So here is the final project….


What I would do differently….  I would back the light colored fabric, you can’t really see the colors behind it but  I think it would look better.  I would use a lighter color thread in the center to quilt with.  I would put a piping to separate the borders.  My thought was to use a thick black thread but that didn’t work so then I tried using Razzle Dazzle bobbin thread and that didn’t look how I envisioned either…

You learn something from every quilt!

Quilt on, My Friends!




MQX East 2015….

is right around the corner!  Have you signed up for your classes?  I am teaching a number of classes and would love to see you there…

Mastering the Mini and Making it yours is one of them.  This is a 2 part class.  The first part is on Wednesday April 8th  8-12p, we will be learning a simple method of designing.  This can be used for a whole cloth (which is what we will be designing), a simple block in a quilt or to design a spectacular border design… Day 2 April 9th  1-5p, , we move to the machines to stitch out your creations.  I will be on hand to guide you in using templates, stitching out beautiful motifs and finally stitching out the fill work!  This is like 5 classes in one!  Don’t miss out!


Quilt on, My Friends!