My new “Jenny”


“Flipping Out,” one of the many series BRAVO airs each week. “Flipping Out” my guilty pleasure, yes I am a dedicated Jeffrey and Jenny junkie. And just like Jeffrey, I need and desire a Jenny for my business. That certain person who initially is my right thumb, but will ultimately become my right hand. Yes, we all want one of those right? That individual who is in sync with your ideas, understands your professional goals, and is right along side of you if not one step
And although I have a partner in crime who many of you already know, Judy. She is my “right arm” the person who keeps me afloat during our adventures on the road. Unfortunately due to distance she cannot be my right hand. So while Im not traveling I need that “right thumb” here in the studio. What I didn’t realize is that she has been right under my nose for quite some time. Her name is Drea, pronounced like the rapper “Dr. Dre” (it’s the only way many people can figure out how to say her name correctly). We were the “good, sacrificing” mothers that brought their boys to Santa’s workshop, Brandon was in first grade, the year 2003. Sitting across from each other we looked up and both shared the expression of “How long does it take for my child to pick out a christmas gift, on a budget of $10 dollars”. Within moments we began chatting. Walking away that evening I knew I had met someone who would be a life long friend. Our paths have gone in different directions due to children’s ages, work , etc., but whenever we have the opportunity to connect it pick up right where we left off. Now fast forward 13 years…yep here we are. Drea currently works full time at Pottstown Hospital but has joined my crazy world of quilting for 12 hours a week. No, she cannot be trusted with a needle, and thread but She has many other great qualities needed here in the studio. She is a word whiz…not me I hate writing. She is very organized ….again not me and after our first business meeting she proved to be able to handle my mind full of thoughts and ideas; and that’s a lot to take on! Our goal is to make Drea a permanent, yes, this Jeffriana is hoping to have this Jenny full time! So bottom line my favorite Bravo show “Flipping Out” may be taking on its own little series here in Pottstown PA.


Prior to me and Drea discussing the possibility of her assisting we held many conversations on how my search was going. During one little chat she thought it would be very humorous of me to haze that special person by having them attend a “Hot Yoga Class” with me. She is not a huge fan of Yoga and adding the word “HOT” just makes her hyperventilate. We shared a huge laugh agreeing that it would be extremely comical. Drea isn’t laughing, chuckling or giggling now. Stay tuned to hear how her hazing goes, its this Saturday morning. I guess she forgot that karma can be a bitch!