Planes, Trains, and Automobiles


Next up after Vegas was Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA. Yes, two trips back to back, but thank goodness no flights were needed for my trip to Hershey, PA.

I was thrilled to have my partner and crime, Judy, on this trip.  The two of us always have a great time traveling together and Hershey proved no different.  We set up the booth in record time, an hour and half, in case you were wondering what record time was, and then we relaxed while waiting for my teachers meeting to commence.

I taught a fun class entitled, “Getting in the Groove”.  It was great!  I loved witnessing my students getting in the groove and progressing in confidence and skill throughout the class.

Finally it was time to host my trunk show.  Sharing my journey of quilting brings me such pleasure as I discuss my trials and triumphs of getting where I am today.  I do pass my quilts arounds, I just request that hands are free of objects that may spill or soil the material.   


As many of you know Hot Yoga is my exercise of choice, and about my ONLY exercise of choice (unless you want to include my love of golf).  But on this trip I had to compromise and endure walking, which Judy loves to do.  Since I held her captive in the booth each day and kept her “daily” steps throughout the day at a minimum I had to pull my big girl yoga pants up high and put one foot in front of the other as Judy and I walked every morning.  One word….BORING.  Just to clarify Judy’s company wasn’t boring I was referring to the exercise of walking. You aren’t going to catch me throwing my dear friend under the bus!

As a reward for walking without complaining, until just now, I felt deserving of the treats that my friend, Susan, bestowed upon me. She provided a little bit of everything in order to satisfy my sugar tooth.


I cannot thank you enough Susan, I loved all those yummy treats but the Swedish Fish were the best!

And just a little random information:

For future reference, I am not normally a soda drinker but when I need a carbonated beverage, my go to is Coca Cola.  Sorry PEPSI fans.  However, it has been suggested that I do a blind taste test challenge to confirm that my taste buds are correct in their choice of flavor.


And while browsing through the ever chocolate infused Hershey gift shop….



Finally one of the best, and most treasured part about traveling to quilt shows is the opportunity to spend time with my precious quilt friends! Whether it’s Vegas, or Hershey, friends make traveling well worthwhile!


For now that brings my business travel to a close.  Cheers!


Blowing Off Quilting Steam


We all need to do it; those moments, or days that have you ready to blow and I don’t mean blowing out celebratory candles.  No on the contrary, it’s those particular quilting segments that have you feel as though one more nanosecond in the studio will have you evolving into the Exorcist.

How do I Handle those Moments?  There are two answers to that question.  But my main objective is to remove myself from my working space, run from my working space if need be.  Because let’s face it nothing productive is going to transpire while I am feeling like this way.images-82






Oh Yeah! My most prized sport and means of releasing quilting frustration.  This extra curricular activity provides 18 holes of deliberately whacking a little white ball. Seriously what better way to “Let it Go”?  I generally walk the course so the exercise I acquire while traveling the greens helps turn my frown upside down.  And if my game isn’t go very well, at least I have a little white ball to take it out on.  So with my clubs in hand I am able to focus on something other than fabric,  the longarm machine, or whatever else is driving me to madness.images-84Hot Yoga

Regardless of what Drea has said, Hot Yoga is my second choice for seeing those puffs of frustration smoke go bye-bye.  So what if the room is 104 degrees with 40% humidity, and so what if Drea tells me I have lost my marbles, Hot Yoga works for me.  After getting over the initial drippage of sweat that creates a light rain shower on my yoga mat, I love NOT having to think about ANYTHING! This is all about me, my mind and body coming together, and after an hour and a half I feel fabulous!

images-86How do you relieve days that are composed of quilting frustration and have you wanting to yell from the hilltops?  Life is too short to neglect creating or having an escape from negativity; so how do you bring positivity to you day?images-87

The Hot Yoga “hazing” is complete!

I am happy to report that Drea survived her first hot yoga session… what follows is written by her!

Hot Yoga=Survivor=Karma
Hot Yoga, that is a very kind description of a recent class I had the unfortunate opportunity to experience. This is what I should have read prior to stepping foot into Hot Yoga.

Are you considering applying to be a contestant on “Survivor”, and aren’t sure how to prepare your body and mind adequately for all that you might endure? Then a 90 minute class of Hot Yoga is exactly what Jeff Probst would encourage you to do. Prepare yourself for a class of students inhabiting an environment containing temperatures of 105 degrees and 40% humidity. Your instructor will slowly guide you through 26 poses, repeat 26. Slowly your body and mind will take you to unkind places such as “I gave up my glass of wine the night before, and heavenly cup of coffee this morning to be taken to hell and back??!!”, and your body will utter comments like “You want this junk in the trunk/muffin top figure to hold a pose for how long AND breathe at the same time, its one or the other!”. The use of ceiling fans will push you to very core. Yes, the feeling of HOT, HUMID air will blow across your body therefore pushing the thought of sitting in the restroom for the remaining 45 minutes to the forefront of you mind. Slowly you will observe others students pause, and then recover continuing on through this battle. We cannot forget to remind you that there is at least one individual who cannot “outlive, outlast” will it be you?

Yes, it was my idea for Lisa to haze whoever she hired by attending her favorite Hot Yoga class. Yes, I made us both laugh as we envisioned that poor individual trying to not to drown in their own sweat. The saying “Karma is a bitch” is very similar to the title of the class “Hot Yoga” both are putting it mildly to say the least.


What Drea doesn’t say… she was currently seen perusing sites looking for yoga gear….

Happy Monday!