Ending Your Week in a Fantastic Way!

I promise I will end your week with a smile and a little happiness! 

 Really, does the end of your week get any better than this?  I advise you to begin your weekend by grabbing a beverage and visiting Lisahcalle.com.  Take your laptop, tablet, or phone and go somewhere where you will not be interrupted (may I suggest Starbucks, you can enjoy a yummy Mocha Latte Grande while perusing my website).  Just tell the family that you’re attending Lisa’s birthday party, they  don’t need to know it’s an online celebration!

And PLEASE don’t forget, that if you do take advantage of my birthday sale, CHECK the bottom of your box once you receive your products. You may be the lucky recipient of a golden ticket! Those finding a golden ticket on the bottom of their box will pick a ruler of their choice for FREE! I want to miss that opportunity, said NO ONE ever!


Tiffany’s…Make Room for ProDiamonds!

What Do the New Rulers Have in Common with Audrey?

Let’s just say Audrey Hepburn would have shared in our excitement once we shared that we’re expecting a delivery!  She may have even snubbed her nose at jewelry wrapped in pretty blue once she discovered that the new ProDiamonds are in route! I tend to think this “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” woman would have been phoning away, advising all her friends to take advantage of the 10% discount being offered to celebrate these beauties!  See Ya Tiffany’s! Hello ProDiamonds!

The ProDiamond Sample!

Just a little glimpse of what these jewels can create.  This had to be my favorite sample to make thus far.  I had an absolute blast quilting this pretty little thing.  I knew I loved crosshatch, but DIAMOND crosshatch has brought a whole new meaning to “loving crosshatch”.  I love, love, love the diamond crosshatch!  But then again, doesn’t every girl LOVE diamonds?!

If you think Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, you would be correct.  If you think that a diamond belong only on your finger then you would be VERY wrong!

Seriously! Let the ProDiamond rulers bring bling and a new way to design to your quilt.  Bling isn’t restricted to those embellishments found on rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. It’s now time to bring  the diamonds to your quilting design.

If you still need a little convincing take a look at my video that will demonstrate the enhancements the amazing ProDiamond ruler will add to your design.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG22d3aQrmk


Now I am hoping these beautiful diamonds have you wanting to add to your Quilter’s Groove Ruler collection! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive 10% off during our reveal deal!  I promise you won’t break the bank splurging on my diamonds!




Don’t you hate it when you’ve been holiday shopping, after being five deep in line you finally drag yourself the register.  It’s painful, and frustrating but for our lovely quilters it doesn’t have to end in such a sad scenario.

We feel your pain so we are rolling into the upcoming BIG weekend with a sale to get you excited about spending money.  And why not start by treating yourself; there is nothing wrong with a “To: Me/From: Me” gift.  Perhaps there is a friend, boss, relative who could also reap the benefits of this sale.

Our “Black Friday/Small Business/Cyber Monday Sale” begins Friday the 25th  through Mondaythe 28th!  But I’ve been known to start early…. so check out the website!




This little sample that Bethanne Nemesh made is quite stunning.  She used the ProPebbles rulers for all of those beautiful circle designs.  They as well as the rest of the Quilter’s Groove Line of rulers are 15% off.

The center is an exquisite example of her Nemeshing technique which is explained in her book.

Bethanne is also having a 15% off sale this weekend so make sure you stop by her site….  WhitearborQuilting.com .


Hop aboard the #BFSBCM train and take advantage of this amazing sale going on Friday through Monday November 28th, 2016.  Skip the Black Friday crowds, the Small Business chaos, and Cyber Monday traffic by shopping with Lisa and Bethanne.  You might just have time to quilt a thing or two before the holidays!

**Please note each business will be shipping their own products.  We cannot combine products and ship from one site. IQuilt products are sold independently and cannot be included in the 15% off sale.