Move Aside Testosterone


SEW(something I don’t normally do) + Testosterone (my three boys, my husband AND even my dog) = Me sewing a bag.  Yes, you heard correctly, this “quilter” (non sewer) decided on a whim to try her hand at sewing a bag.  And here’s why: I discovered this wonderful pattern for the Sew Together Bag at Pennington Quiltworks.  If you haven’t stepped inside “Pennington Quiltworks” do yourself a favor and pay a visit to this store. In addition to coming across this darling pattern, I also felt the need to embrace the estrogen part of my world, every now and then I feel a little suffocated by all the maleness encompassing my four walls.

A fellow shopper in the store was kind enough to give me a heads up that the directions weren’t the absolute best, (thank goodness for the kindness of strangers) but if I googled the pattern I would find there is a blog sew along (no, not sing along, although I had so much fun I was singing while I sewed)   Click here  if you would like to have access to the blog.  I chose this bag since it was touted as a beginner bag.  Since I like easy peasy and being a non sewer I felt this pattern was right up my alley.  Much to my surprise after googling the pattern, I found that some individuals didn’t agree that this was a beginner bag.  Well, I am very competitive at heart, ask anyone who plays golf with me.  Therefore, I gazed upon this pattern as if it were in a golf course and thought, “Back away from this non sewer, these opinions aren’t going to deter me.”  FYI, lets not forget that I had also invested money in all the materials required to make this little bag so if you think I was about to waste my hard-earned cash Hell no!



Begrudgingly, I read through the directions.  I am a visual learner and I cannot stand reading directions, don’t even think about commenting that I sound like a typical man.  Anywho, I knew that in order to complete this little project I would actually need to follow the instructions step by step.  The struggle was REAL!

DAY ONE: I completed most of the interior.


I actually completed all 3 zippers, now for me that’s pretty darn impressive! Remember people I am NOT a sewer, I am a quilter.  A straight line I can sew, and occasionally a curved one but that’s really pushing it!

DAY TWO: I brought this project to a close, zippers and all!

Regardless of what the task is, new or old, I always learn something new.  As I looked at my finished project I realized I would have liked longer handles. But overall for my initial attempt I am very happy and satisfied with the results.  Lord help me if I stumble across some cool golf fabric, because then there will be many more of these in my future.

Please act surprised when you receive one of these from me during Christmas…LOL



Flat Lisa is STILL in Pennsylvania?? Say It Isn’t So!!

WHAT,  Flat Lisa is STILL in Pennsylvania?! Say It Isn’t So!!  img_8873

Where is everyone? I know quilters reside in places other than Pennsylvania, so why is Flat Lisa stuck in Pennsylvania? Okay, perhaps you missed the Flat Lisa Reveal, maybe you skipped the Flat Lisa Reveal, or I suppose there is a slight possibility you aren’t interested in Flat Lisa.? Regardless, I will say it again I am eager to view my quilting friends globally.  That being said I’d like, one more time, to introduce Flat Lisa! Share with me your quilting studio, classes, shows etc.(be creative if you’d like).  Simply right-click on Flat Lisa below, save it to your computer and print out copy.  Take a selfie with you and Flat Lisa and send your picture via email to  –It’s that easy!!

****Make sure you include your location so that I can track where my adventures have taken me. All photographs will be posted AND you will be entered to win a copy of my book “Divide and Design”.  A winner will be drawn for end of this month.  You don’t have a lot of time, so come on quilting friends I know you’re out there!!



Friendship Star – Take 1

Today is the last day for the 15% off sale over at!  Don’t miss out!

I have skipped over the Hunter’s Star since the Lemoyne star was so much like it.  I am going to slow down on these posts as I want to actually have some time to quilt my next competition piece.  So I will be posting progress pictures of that.  I am hoping you all will give me some motivation to finish it… or at least get a move on it. LOL   So I will post blocks pictures on Monday and Friday and see how that goes.  I’d love it if you all participated.  Any takers?  If you send me Friendship star pics I can post them on Friday.   I know short notice so, no pressure.

Here we ago…

Step 1 :  Divide up your block.  This is the first thing I would stitch… along with all of my stitch in the ditch work.  As you probably have noticed I use a lot of ProEchoes  in all different sizes because its nice to have a lot of different curves to chose from.  Remember they are on sale right now…. just saying…


Step 2: Add some design work… no surprise what I chose.


Step 3:   decided to add a chain of pebbles… this is where the ProPebble 1/4 comes in handy.


Step 4:  I’ve added some extra curves in to frame the pebbles and straight-line stitching with the ProLine 16.  Then I added some sand stipple right next to the feathers which help them pop.  I also added some partial circles (using the Propebble 3/4 in the corner… once they are next to the other blocks they will form a circle.


Step 5:  finished up with some more straight line fill on the outside of the feather echo and then some more sand stipple in the corners.  Some crosshatching in the center ( 1/2″) and some circles in the triangles.


Here’s a peak of what a couple of blocks would look like together.


Hope you like it.

What will you create?


Log Cabin Block 2 & 3

HI all,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I sure did.  My husband got me tickets to the US Open which was held in Pittsburgh…. So much fun!  I even got my picture taken with Jordan Speith…  ok well, it was more me and Jordan and Michael in the background.  LOL


Here are two more options for a log cabin block.  I tried to keep these ones easy and quick.  The first one is the quickest…

logcabin1 the only ruler you need is a circle ruler for the spine.  This is a 9″ block and I used the ProCircle 6 and then echoed it.

The next one takes a little more time but not as much as the first log cabin block.


This one you will need a straight edge ruler.   I would definitely stitch in the ditch between the dark and light.  Again the only ruler you need here is the ProCircle ruler.

If you have a block that has you stumped, please let me know and I will add it to my list!  Next up will be the Ohio star block so stay tuned!


What will you create?


Friday’s thoughts……

*****Today I am making my way to the NJ Quilt Fest to help Rob and Judy in their booth.  Come see us… Olde City Quilts!  I will be playing on the BERNINA longarm!******

The snow has prevented me from making it to NJQuiltfest today.  I am going to be there tomorrow.  Hope to see you there.

I think I am going to stop by Jackie’s woolens booth for some bright wool fabric…. why you ask?

Some of you may remember I was working on a machine appliqué project…

IMG_2465I was absolutely loving it!  The colors , the flowers… all of it…. But have you ever have  project that in the end does not look as you envisioned it… well this is one of those.  It is complete and will reside in the BERNINA creative center even though I am not thrilled with it.

I have decided to remake it with wools and some hand sewing.  I am also having this pattern digitized so I can quilt it out.  So here is the final project….


What I would do differently….  I would back the light colored fabric, you can’t really see the colors behind it but  I think it would look better.  I would use a lighter color thread in the center to quilt with.  I would put a piping to separate the borders.  My thought was to use a thick black thread but that didn’t work so then I tried using Razzle Dazzle bobbin thread and that didn’t look how I envisioned either…

You learn something from every quilt!

Quilt on, My Friends!




February Feather Friday! The Flower Feather…

is a beautiful and easy to execute feather… now, this is the last Friday of February but I still have one more feather that I’d like to teach so stay tuned as I am going to post the last feather on Monday…

If you’ve enjoyed February Feather Fridays, consider taking my Feathers for the Timid next time you are at a show!


Enjoy the Flower Feather!

Quilt on, My Friends!



Gettin in the Groove!!

I am sure it comes as no surprise to many of you, I LOVE ruler work.  So much so that I have my own line of rulers, Quilter’s Groove Rulers.  Since I have designed my rulers to do what I love with minimal markings, I was encouraged to create a class to teach you all how to use them.  If you already have some , thank you!  I’d love to hear how you use them and how they made your quilting easier.  If you are not familiar with them…. come to the Gettin in the Groove class to learn how having the right tool for the job makes life oh so much easier.   I will be teaching this class at two shows this year,  Birds of a Feather (Feb 7, 10:30a-12:30p) and MQX (April 10, 1-5)

I have 3 new rulers!  ProSpine™ Small, ProSpine™ Medium and ProSpine™ Large!  They each have two different size curves so that’s 6 different spines!  They will be sold individually and in a set.  I am so excited about these.  We will be using the ProSpine™ small in class.  I am expecting the shipment at the end of the week  so shipping will commence the first week of February.

Here is the class sample….

Gettin in the Groove Sample

Gettin in the Groove Sample


Sign up today!!

If you would like to know more about some of the things you can do with my rulers, go to the video tutorial page on my website.

Quilt on!


Long Vacation!

This Christmas break seems longer than ones in the past, is it just me? Monday brings this vacation to a close when the kids return to school and I can get on with the business of quilting!  I have finished my quilt top and needed to purchase some backing.  I had my heart set on what I used for the border.

border fabric

border fabric

That was not to be…  Thank goodness for Maddie at Spool!  This is what we came up with

Backing fabric

Backing fabric 

So not only is my thread on its way but my now my backing fabric is too!  I guess it’s time to start designing!

Quilt on my friends


Perseverence in Spite of Disappointment

I remember when I first started quilting, I’d be walking around a quilt show and admiring the winning quilts thinking one day I would be able to whip something out as effortlessly as they did…. I now know, I was a little naive because I thought that these award winning quilters just had a vision and then proceeded to whip up the quilt. Boy was I wrong. There is a lot of hardwork and hours upon hours that go into these award winning babies. I call them babies because a piece of you, or sometimes a huge chunk, goes into each and every quilt you produce. Now, years and numerous award winning quilts later, I realize that there is a common trait that most of these quilters have in common besides oodles of talent. They persevere despite disappointment. Those disappointments could be anything from not having enough of the fabric they wanted to use, a quilt not getting into a show, resewing a block for the 5th time, their fabric bled when they were blocking the quilt or they used the wrong color thread in the quilting. Yet despite all of these…. they persevered.

Yesterday as many talented quilters were announcing that their quilts were accepted into a national show, I had a disappointment…. my quilt, Crown Jewels, was not accepted.


 To say that I was not disappointed would be a lie. Of course I was! Was my quilt not good enough? Maybe, maybe not. Most likely, it just wasn’t what the show was looking for this time around. (at least that is what I am telling myself) Being a competitive person, sometimes this is tough to take. Why do I bring this up? To show that no matter how successful we have been or a particular quilt has been in the past nothing is guaranteed, we all experience disappointments but it’s how we move forward that is important. So despite my disappointment yesterday, I moved forward today.

I am currently working on my next competition piece… This particular quilt has been ongoing since last year. I like to challenge myself with each quilt I do. This time it is my first time doing hand applique and I am loving it!! I am using some fabulous colors of fabric from Cherrywood.


Because I challenge myself with new techniques on almost all of my quilts it creates a lot of those “what was I thinking” moments. Along with the hand applique, that who knows if it’s any good, I drew out this great interior border around a center star… drafting it was the easy part. I then had to figure out how I was going to piece it and get it together…. after MANY attempts, I was ready to throw in the towel but I really LOVED it and refused to believe that I couldn’t get it together in a decent way…. 


I managed to figure it out and got it together in way that I was satisfied with…. but when I say it wasn’t easy…. that’s putting it mildly. I started this quilt back in May 2013, I finished this part of the quilt in Jan 2014 …. it drained me of my patience and creativity so I put it aside till about 2 weeks ago… that’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about it. 


I am now getting back to it and of course running into more obstacles… but it will all be worth it.. at least I keep telling myself that.

Happy Quilting