Perks of Having a Design Wall


Oh my precious design wall, where would I be without you?  I really can’t even contemplate that question because I have no idea what I would do without being able to utilize that space of open creativity.


Yes I would be lost without my design board!

The benefits of utilizing a design board.


By placing fabric on my design board I am able to perceive various viewpoints of the final product I will eventually make.  Having my project lying flat on my table, the design, may look completely different from anything that I observed when it was positioned vertically.

Below I have displayed some of my ruler samples utilizing my design board.  Of course these samples are completed so there is no tweaking involved, however, you can see how I have the capability to view them upright.  This allows me to decide whether I am comfortable with the project both in a horizontal and vertical positions.








Yes, I audition my fabric for each of my designs.  I don’t just assume the material I have chosen is going to be a success.  Remember I am a WIP!  Ideas don’t always fall into place the way I had initially intended; so I put forth a little preview prior to making a commitment. No, they aren’t contestants on “Project Runway” but there are times when I must shake my head at what I thought would work perfectly and say:


Using my design board to perceive how my piecing will come together on a quilt is wonderful!  Laying out the rows ahead of time for chain piecing…. Will my hands come together in exciting, or will my eyebrows furrow in dismay?  I’d much rather do a trial run on my design board and have to reconfigure its look prior to sewing rather THAN discovering I am not a fan of its look.

Do you use a design board? What are the perks of your design board?