New Digs…. New Design Wall!

So I am all moved into my studio.  If you’ve ever moved your studio…. you will know that it can take some time for it to feel like home.  I have been so busy getting the rest of the house set up that the studio unfortunately came last.

In the last couple of weeks, I have hung up all of my ribbons which are a great source of pride for me.

I am hoping that it motivates me to finish a show quilt that has been in progress for quite a while.

So the last item on the studio checklist was a design wall…. no studio is complete without this.  This required me to pull out the power tools.

Now I know a couple of my friends thought the prospect of me and power tools was a little scary and I am going to admit….. I am not the best with the drill.  But I managed to get them up!

I started with (3) 4′ x 8′ foam insulation boards.  I think mine were 3/4″ thick.  Drywall screws and some large washers.

So 8′ was a little to big for my walls…. I ended up cutting off 2′.  I used a utility knife…. and thank goodness I didn’t cut myself in the process of this project.

Now you will notice that there is an outlet on the wall….. I had to cut the board to accommodate this as well.  🤦‍♀️

I found the studs with a stud finder….. and no, unfortunately ladies… I found now living studs with this finder…. I think it is broken in that respect.  LOL

Screwed the foam boards into the wall.  I then covered the boards with flannel.  I just used pins to secure the flannel in case I need to remove it to wash it.   The flannel doesn’t keep my projects on the wall as well as cotton batting so I may switch it out at some point.  But for now the flannel seems to work ok.

You can see I was a tad bit off in my measurements for the outlet but it works!

Here are some current projects…. the one on the right is the show quilt that I need to finish.  I am waiting for it to tell me what border it needs.  LOL . I could be waiting a while.

If you do not have a design wall, they are quite easy to build.  I do recommend having a helper.  I did it by myself and it would have been easier if I had an extra set of hands.




New Journey!

I recently posted a picture of my last show quilt, Oh My Bleeding Heart, and said that this was the quilt that broke me.  I do believe this to still be true.

I have decided to embark on a new quilt journey and invite you all to come along for the ride.  My BFF Barb Persing is going to be my guide as this will be completely new territory for me.  I am excited as this is going to take me far outside of my box.  I tell my students all the time to stretch themselves creatively and this will surely do that for me.

I am not certain of the format or where I will be posting most of the journey…. I wish I were that organized.  There will be blog posts, Instagram stories (so make sure you follow me @lisahcalle) and Facebook posts.  I will try and find the way that fits best but can’t make any promises.


So Here is the next project….. a pictorial…. should be an interesting journey. Wish me luck people!!

My 9 day Yoga Challenge

The past 6 months have been a lot!  I have divorced (amicably) and moved.  Talk about a stressful time.  I turn 50 this year as well.  I am actually very excited to be 50.  I feel my best years are ahead of me.

With all that being said….. I have had aches and pains that I should not have.  I have been doing yoga for a couple years now but with my travel schedule it has been hard to do it on a regular basis.  The other morning I woke up and I could barely move my neck…. I’ve been here before and it was not fun.  So I have the neck and shoulder and hip and lower back…. UGHHH…. so I decided that the only thing I could do is get this old ass in shape.

So I decided on Sat. that I was going to commit to 9 days of yoga and no alcohol.  9 days because on the 10th day, I will be traveling to MQX for a week.  My studio of choice is Bikram Yoga Exton…. no affiliation except that I love the studio.

Day 1: Sunday

Yin Yoga:  1 1/2 hours .  Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of modern yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more.   I absolutely loved it but realized that it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  When Monday morning came, it was the first morning in quite a while that I woke up with little to no hip and lower back pain.  This spurred me on.  I had been getting leg cramps so Kristin, the owner and instructor, suggested Coconut water.  Well, it was not very good, however, it did help in my post workout recovery ALOT!

Day 2:  Monday

Bikram Yoga:  1 1/2 hours  Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Bikram Choudhury synthesized from traditional hatha yoga techniques.[1] It became popular in the early 1970s.[2] All Bikram Yoga Beginning Series classes run for 90 minutes and consist of the same series of 26 postures, including two breathing exercises.[3] Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga style, and is ideally practiced in a room heated to 35–42 °C (95–108 °F) with a humidity of 40%.[4] All official Bikram classes are taught by Bikram-certified teachers, who have completed nine weeks of training endorsed by Choudhury.[5] Bikram-certified teachers are taught a standardized dialogue to run the class, but are encouraged to develop their teaching skills the longer they teach. This results in varying deliveries and distinct teaching styles.[4]

This is the yoga that I like to practice.  I love the heat which is normally around 104 degrees with 40% humidity.  When I  leave the studio it looks as if I had been swimming.  There are days that I drive the yoga bus and days that I get run over by the yoga bus.  LOL   There was a little bit of both today.   I took the 6:30pm class.  I normally like to practice earlier in the day but this is what worked into all of my show prep schedule.  I grabbed a coconut water again today and it tasted a little better than the day before… I’m thinking it might be growing on me.

Day 3:  Tuesday

I like to arrive at the studio 20 minutes prior to class so my body can adjust to the heat.  I went to the 9:30 class which was tough as I was just there the night before.   I am finding it easier to concentrate and balance on Day 3.  I am not having as many aches and pains in my joints which is so positive.

Day 4:  Wednesday

Oh boy, this morning was really rough.  Brody wasn’t feeling great so I drove him to school and we were late… this made getting to the 9:30 class really rough.  I’m thinking that late for yoga is NOT a good reason to speed but I was NOT missing this class.  I swear, every car and truck in front of me was the universe trying to teach me something….. I had bad words coming out of my mouth as I was sure I wasn’t going to make it.

Needless to say, I was NOT there 20 minutes prior…. what I failed to say on Day 1 is that I am a little particular about where in the hot room I practice.  It is REALLY hot and there are ceiling fans that the instructors will turn on periodically as well as the doors that they will open.  Let me just say that you want to be where you benefit from both of these things.  So when I got there a whole 5 minutes before class started, I didn’t have a lot of areas to choose from.  But I managed to squeeze in where I benefited from the door being opened.  I was feeling anything but ZEN as I entered the room.  The hour and a half flew by and I was able to relax and let go of my hectic morning.  I am now a coconut water believer….. no more leg cramps and my recovery from sweating my ass off for 90 minutes is so much easier.  Moving on to Day 5…. this will get me to the half way mark.

Day 5:  Thursday

Some days you drive the yoga bus and others you get run over by the yoga bus.  Today I got “clipped” by the bus.  It was a great class but a little rougher than the other days.  I think since I felt so good the previous days, I pushed a little harder today.  I also went to the 12:00 class.  I prefer to go in the morning but this is what worked into the schedule.

Day 6:  Friday

Back to the 9:30 class.  Yeah!  I am noticing that the postures are feeling a little different which the instructor says is good.  My body is changing.  Noticeably less lower back and hip pain.  Today I realized that I can do Triangle to the left side much better than the right.  My right hip and left should scream at me when I do it to the right.  just gotta take it easy on that side til things loosen up.

Day 7:  Sat.

10am class…..  needless to say, I do not know why I though dropping Brody off with Jon at 9:30 was ok.  I like to be at the studio 1/2 hour before.  I had to call the studio and ask them to NOT lock the door as I was going to be a few minutes late.  This means that I would have to squeeze into a spot and sure enough… it was in the corner of hell…. no relief with the fan or door opening.  AND I did not even have a glimpse of myself in the mirror which is fine with some poses but others…. good to see if you are out of alignment.   But alas, I survived and learned that I am more flexible then I had thought…. the mind not the body.  LOL

Day 8:  Sunday

This brought me back to YIN yoga.  which was good but I def. missed the heat and sweating.  But I will be back to that tomorrow on Day 9.

Day 9:  Monday

Holy Sh-t people…. I got run over by the yoga bus today.   The breathing exercise which is the first thing you do….. was a struggle.  What I really wanted to do was just lie down and take a nap in the hot room.  Do you think that would be acceptable??  I mustered through but sat for the majority of the standing series….


Things I learned about myself…. I am stronger than I thought both physically and mentally.  I am able to adapt to the stressors of life more so now than ever before.  I am more flexible in my thinking….. wish it were my body.  😂

Physically, I am in good shape and as the week progressed, the postures definitely started to change which meant that my body is changing.  I focused more on using my core strength.  (always wanted a six pack… on my bucket list)  This may never happen but I can try.

If you haven’t given Bikram Yoga a shot, I would def try it.  You DO have to go more than once to know if you will like it.  The first class you might just be trying to survive the heat.  I know Bikram Yoga Exton does a 30 days for $30 for new people.  You should give it a whirl.


Maybe I’ll see you in the hot room soon.



Is it the Easter Bunny??

Barb Persing,, and I have been each others support in this crazy quilting business for years now.  So I’m not sure what took us so long to actually work together.  LOL . Barb is an incredibly talented designer, not only of patterns but fabric as well.  This little bunny is only one of the patterns you receive in her Babyhood pattern.  There are 3 other patterns as well, all equally as cute and super simple to put together.

Barb and I have completely different styles of quilting…. she is all freehand, no stitch regulator or rulers (I know the horror… how can you not use rulers).  I am very structured in my quilting.  Obviously love rulers. Barb’s quilting on her bunny is just perfect and I love it….. so it was really hard to come up something different for my bunny.  But I did.  So we will be testing the waters…. I’ll put together the rulers that I use on her bunny along with her pattern….

I planned out the ruler work for my little bunny…. and then kind of went with the flow. The problem with me going with the flow…. I forget what I am doing or have done.

Prime example…. I started the top border with 3 lines… then I was at the bottom and going to finish up the three borders and forgot that I had already done the top border…. so I started with regular piano keys.  So I had to spend some time ripping out….. which I hate as I am sure everyone does… but I really hate when it is because of something stupid like forgetting what I was doing.  UGHHH …

But before the border fiasco, I did all of my SID work and ruler work.  I had to mark the large diamonds which is unusual.  I do NOT like to mark my quilts but this was unavoidable.  I used a water soluble blue pen.

Now, I LOVED how Barb quilted her bunny so it is sometimes hard to see past what has already been done to do something different.  But I think I managed.


I used 3 rulers on this quilt…. The Pro, ProLine 1 and the ProOval 3 (inside oval).

I hope you like both versions!  Barb sells this pattern on her website so make sure you check it out along with all her other amazing patterns.


Spring Show Season

The spring is always a busy show schedule and this year…. (I don’t know WHAT I was thinking)…. I booked 4 major shows…. this doesn’t even count Road to California.  Which was awesome by the way. If you are thinking about going…. GO!

So first on the schedule was Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Virginia.  I was so excited that Jolene Shindler could make it again this year to help me in the booth.  Our booth neighbors, again, were Jackie Gauker of Jackies Woolens and Barbara Persing of Barb Persing Designs.  We always have fun when we are together.   The shenanigans that happen in the booth….. well, they just keep going in the hotel.  This year, Jolene and I went to Ulta… we decided we needed to do a hydrating mask.  OH boy….

We found masks that look like animals… Don’t laugh too hard.


The masks were very difficult to keep on our faces because we were laughing so freaking hard.  Once we were sufficiently hydrated…. we thought our housekeeping people would get a kick out of it…

Next up was Lancaster… this show I was only teaching at.  Which I absolutely LOVE!!  I so prefer teaching to being in a booth.  So I think my plan is to do more teaching and less booths.   My students were all incredible and as always… AQS does not disappoint.  I got to judge this show… WOW, the quilts were amazing.

Then home to panic…… 2 more major shows….. MQX- teaching and booth and then Paducah a week after I get home from MQX.  Now, this wouldn’t be so bad except I had to ship everything to Paducah by April 5th.  🤦‍♀️ Talk about a ball of stress…. But I got it done.  Phew…..

Now I’m gathering everything for MQX where the band will be together again…. Jackie, Barb, Jolene and myself.  Watch out Manchester…. Here we come.



phew… it’s done…

So i have finished the move! I went from a big beautiful studio to a small quaint space.  I purged quite a bit of stuff that I totally didn’t need and it felt quite good.  Now I know the items in my studio will be well loved and well used.

Here is a video I put together when we built my old studio.  I will certainly miss all that space.


My new space is quite a bit much smaller but I am sure it will be just as effective as the bigger space.  I am hoping that it will make me more organized.  😂 I know it is probably wishful thinking.  Here are some pics of the new space.

Oh My Bleeding Heart has a new home.

Rulers are hung and there is space for more…..

No Judging!  Yes, I know my stash is small but it is mighty!

Now since my space is small, there was not room for the rulers and all my teaching stuff inside so thank goodness I have a garage.  But it is nice and organized.

What must haves are in your studio?  Love to hear.

What to do when…..

What do you do when you’ve hit a creative wall??  This happened back in 2010 after Brody was born and I was able to move out of it with a challenge quilt.. This time around not much seems to be helping.

I’ve tried sewing some simple things…. I’ve been blanket stitching this applique quilt.

While I am loving this color combo which is totally outside of my norm…. it’s just not doing it for me.   I am hoping when I go to quilt the one that is in my color zone… it will help get me out of the rut.

Walking away isn’t really an option as this is my business.

So peeps… my question to you, What do you do when you need inspiration?? Any and all suggestions are welcome!


Changes in Latitudes



January has come and is just about gone; so hard to believe.  As I write this post Mother Nature is giving us a little bit of my favorite thing…snow (and it’s really my least favorite thing) However, I think those of us in the northeast are in for some cold weather…ugh!


Last week I attended the Road to California where the temperatures were definitely warmer and the sun had no problem showing me its bright face.  What a great show!!  I can’t believe it’s took me so long to find my way to that event; I have really been missing out! While I was there I held 4 days of amazing classes.  My students were incredibly talented; I hope the invitation to come back and teach finds its way to my mailbox.

The year of 2019 has brough some major life changes to this quilter. I have recently moved BUT I’m only about 10 minutes away from my old house so I’m just a hop, skip and a jump from my “hood”.  What does this mean for my quilters??  Well, I have decided to take on customer quilts again. You might be wondering why.  After much soul-searching I realized  that I felt much more creative when I had the opportunity to actually just  “quilt”.  Yes, digital designs are easier to create, classes are easier to design, but quite frankly I really, really missed quilting.  So I have come full circle and have found myself standing in the shoes of where it all began.  I have chosen to produce mainly all over designs but I will accept one custom quilt a month.  If you are interested in either, please contact me at  I’m pretty excited about this and this gets a few of you excited too! That being said I will begin taking quilts Feb 15th!






Can you say “ANXIETY”?  I am transferring all my quilting equipment and materials from my incredible full basement studio to a much smaller basement studio. GULP I truly think the Netflix Show “Tidying Up” needs to make a quick stop at my  first quilting area and then take a look at my new one. Too many things bring me “Joy”.  To humor everyone and keep you all in the loop I will take some before and after pictures so you can witness the transformation; and oh what a change it will be!  I’m hoping that this will encourage me to become “neater” and more “organized”.  One can dream, can’t they?

Of course all of the Quilter’s Groove Rulers are coming with me and I will still continue to do some traveling in order to teach classes.  I wanted to share the new direction my life is taking me, and thank all of you who had reached out thinking I had been abducted by aliens.  Not to worry I’m still here, and 2019 is bringing many new adventures my way!


2018 Come and Gone


Seriously 2019, how in the world did that happen?  Just yesterday it was September and Brody was starting school; now we are into the new year.  Boy time flies.   I certainly hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season.  The holidays in the Calle household were wonderful but way too short.  I’m sad to report that the older boys already headed back at school.  😦

The New ProOvals are here! Unfortunately, I do not have a sample made…yet.  It’s on the top of my priority list. In the meantime, they are up on my site for 20% off till January 13th!  Don’t pay full price, shop now while the discount is available! There are 4 different sizes of ProOvals and they work just like the ProPebbles.  I know there is tons of creativity brewing in all of you, so I can’t wait to see what you produce with these new rulers!  Feel free to share!


Mid Atlantic Quilt festival here I come!  Yes, I will be vending for the second year in February and I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ll be planting my roots in Booth #313.  Last year brought such an amazing time I simply had to come back! This year will not disappoint as you’ll find Jolene, Jackie (Jackie’s Woolens – the booth next to us), Barb, and of course myself, taking over the convention center. Don’t miss out, come join the party.  I guarantee you find amazing products and nonstop laughing. Fingers crossed I am hoping to have my new pattern and kit done, Marmalade Skies (see below).   Perhaps, if enough of you flatter me with how much you like it, I’ll be motivated to have it completed on time. LOL  Seriously, I absolutely love Cherrywood fabrics, and I also have a fondness for pinks.  I did take into consideration that not everyone has the same taste as me so I produced another colorway.  This is a project takes no time at all as it is fusible applique and blanket stitch.  Hopefully you will give it a thumbs up.


Yes BIG, BIG news!  I am returning to the business of accepting customer quilts.  Or maybe I should say taking small steps into the customer quilts arena.  Regardless of the size of my steps this is still BIG news!

Starting in March,  I will begin taking on a few customer quilts a month.   Initially I will only be completing “all over designs”.  So if “all over designs” is something you’d like me to produce for you please email me at, and I’ll place you on my list!

Don’t forget to visit me in February! Booth #313 at Mid Atlantic Quilt show!!

Happy Chrismahankwanzakah!

 Santa is providing me with an early Christmas gift; I’m heading to the Dominican Republic for a little R&R (I guess Santa thought I was a good girl this year).  So I thought I shouldn’t be the only one getting in the holiday spirit.   That being said, I’m sending a great holiday sale your way.

My present to everyone is a  15% off storewide!  The sale that will run from  Dec 16th through Dec 24th!  My quilting sleigh could be filled with goodies heading your way if you take advantage of my holiday sale.  (my online classes use code FIFTEEN) (excludes iquilt classes).

Although orders will ship out AFTER Christmas there is no need to pout… just think your holiday season will extend past the 25th!  Now is the time to fill your stockings with those rulers you have on your “Holiday Wish List”!