Organization is key.

I don’t know about you but I spend more time searching for things in my studio than actually quilting. It can be so annoying when alls you want to do is sew or quilt. I have avoided sewing and quilting because my studio is such a disaster.

Here take a look and you will see what I am talking about.

See… Can you relate? I am determined to clean up and organize the room so I WANT to go into it and work. So, I started on my thread! This is how I use to store my thread.

Needless to say it really didn’t work and since my room is small… the floor space is very valuable so I utilized the door.

not done yet… but it is a great start. I got this at the Container Store.

Here is the list of items I used…

Elfa 77 3/4″ mount

Elfa Utility Residential Overdoor Hooks White Set of 2

Elfa Utility Narrow Medium Mesh Basket White

These baskets fit Aurifil thread spools perfectly! They have other sizes so you can measure your spools or cones and get the ones that work for you. I have no affiliation with Container store.. just a happy customer.

Stay tuned for more studio organization!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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