Love or in Love?

Do you have a favorite quilt? I have a couple that I love but only one that I’m in love with and will be forever.

Which is the quilt that you are in love with?? I’d love to see it and hear the story behind it!

4 thoughts on “Love or in Love?

  1. Loved the quilt as well as the video telling the beautiful story behind the beautiful quilt. This thing that we do can be so cathartic when you take all of the emotions that are overwhelming you and just channel it into the creative work! Healing for the creator of a piece for sure, but often powerful to viewers of the finished quilt as well.

  2. The quilt I am totally in love with is my Jacobean Tree of Life quilt. Every time I look at it, I am amazed: that I completed an original piece; that I have no idea how I came up with the design; how the work ended up looking like it does. I am not sure where the creative spark comes from to make an original piece, but I stand in awe of the result.

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