It is Friday and I have to go back to reality today. I have been in Florida for the week with Jeff. He had a conference and I decided to tag along. I thrive on the sunshine and do not want to go back to the cold in Pa. Spring and summer can’t come soon enough for me. How about you? Do you like the cold or warm weather better?

While here I did two fabulous webinars, a mini trunk show and a heirloom feather tutorial. They were so much fun! Stay tuned as I have something up my sleeve for next week. This is all a lead up to my Design Academy which enrollment will be closing soon. Make sure to get on my email list so you don’t miss out at

ok… off to enjoy the last of the sunshine. Have a great day.

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  1. I don’t like it cold but I don’t like it hot either. However, when it is cold and snowing there is no reason to go outside and that means it is time to quilt.

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