Hang tight… getting personal!

Hard to believe it is the end of February already! It’s been a while since I blogged and there really isn’t a good reason except like everyone else, I’m super busy. I am in the middle of launching my Quilter’s Groove® Heirloom Academy, closing the enrollment period for my membership TRIBE, creating content daily for new classes and the membership.

I did just get back from my first ever 2 week vacation as an adult… and oh my… it was fabulous… highly recommend it. I was however very ready to get back to work… just not the cold weather in Pa.

I don’t get personal too often but thought I would today. For the past 10+ years, I have been suffering with IBS. For those that don’t know what this is… it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It gets really bad when I am under a lot of stress. Go back 3 years… divorce and a move and then Covid was the cherry on top…. all of that kicked it into high gear. The uncertainty of when I would be able to travel for work again was very difficult. While the thought of traveling and teaching with an IBS flareup was terrifying.

Why did I chose to talk about this now? I realize that there are so many people suffering with this and if you are … you are not alone. I might appear to have my shit together all the time, but just remember we only show people what we want them to see. Appearances can be very deceiving.

Here are 5 women that probably don’t know it.. but they help me stay strong when I don’t feel well and I can’t thank them enough. We all made the trip to Florida together but separate. Love these ladies.

Social media isn’t all bad. While in Naples, I posted a pic on Instagram and my best friend from 7-8 grade was like no way… I’m in Naples… so Jeff and I got together with Karen and her husband. I hadn’t seen her since 9th grade (not doing the math as to how long that is… but its long). We picked up right where we left off. It really made my trip that much better.

We also got to celebrate my love’s birthday while we were there. Remember the picture of the ladies above… well the SO’s were there as well… we were calling ourselves Spring Ford South… as we all belong to SpringFord Country Club in Pa. My brother and sister in law made the trip over from the east coast to join us. What an amazing night.

This past summer (2021) my family lost 2 very special people… my dad’s brother and his sister… within months of each other. Our whole family gathered and it was fantastic to see everyone. My cousin Jen and her fiancé live in Bonita Springs, so when George (my brother) came over, we made a point of getting together with Jen and Steve. Friends and family are everything and I cherish each and everyone of them!

I would love it if you left a comment, just let me know if you enjoyed learning a little more about me personally or if IBS affects you as well. I promise I will get back to quilty stuff soon.

41 thoughts on “Hang tight… getting personal!

  1. thank you for sharing. I have IBS and suffer from diverticulitis as well. I am a widow who is now also an empty nester, new career and have moved several times, trying to figure out where I belong. I appreciate your candor and wish you well. so glad that you enjoyed your trip!

    • oh I hate to hear that you suffer from IBS and diverticulitis! Is stress a trigger for you or certain foods? I actually started hypnotherapy in January~ it is an app called NERVA and it has helped tremendously as well as cutting back on alcohol intake.
      Sending hugs!

    • In May of 2020, I was hospitalized with diverticulitis! Didn’t know I had it until then! In August 2020 I had the last foot of my large intestine removed because of it. Truly sucks…I don’t have a clue what to eat any more!

  2. https://www.forksoverknives.com/health-topics/irritable-bowel-syndrome-what-to-know-about-ibs/ There are also links to some success stories in the article.

    I know a plant based diet can be difficult to maintain, depending on one’s mind-set up, but maybe you can look at the article and find some hope. Hope and possibility of something better are huge for me, so please consider looking at it. My SO also has issues with it, stress triggered, and the better quality food he eats, plus his probiotics, the better he does.

    • thank you! I will look over the article. I started a hypnotherapy app in Jan and it has helped tremendously. Been symptom free for since beginning of Jan. I also take probiotics!

  3. Lisa, I am so glad that you took the time for a vacation! It is necessary for your health and creativity. Being surrounded with loved ones is the best. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You know my history, and I am very open about it. After all, for me a colostomy is just another way to poop … and everybody poops! We need to bring these things into the light and remove the scariness and shame. Many hugs my friend. ❤️❤️

    • LOL My husband’s blows out at the worst times! It’s like with a baby, Drop everything and take care of it . And be sure to carry all supplies and extra clothing even if just going to an appointment! Well! I got that off my chest! now back to quilting!

      • We learned the hard way! I hope you never have that experience! I am so glad he is still alive, and we can share our day! Attitude it is all about attitude, Mine has improved and I complain less than I did a year ago! Hugs to you and to Lisa.


  5. Hello, lovely Lisa — You asked for feedback, so I just wanted to take a moment and send you some warm fuzzies. Yes, I appreciate your sharing of personal challenges because the reality/necessity of building and promoting a personal brand does have that unfortunate consequence of “airbrushing” the Woman Behind the Magic and making the business owner seem unrelatably perfect. You are even more amazing as a flesh-and-blood woman facing real challenges and disappointments just like everyone else. I have a friend with a medical condition similar to IBS and was just talking to her recently about how it’s curtailing her travel plans and limiting her life because OMG what if everything flares up while she’s on a plane or what if she needs to seek urgent medical care while she’s in Mexico with girlfriends etc. I’m glad you were able to enjoy a vacation that you totally deserved and that you got to reconnect with the special people in your life who feed your strength and power.

    Okay, back to the client’s quilt on my frame– but consider yourself hugged and appreciated. Rebecca Deming Rumpf

    Rebecca Grace Quilting http://www.RebeccaGraceQuilting.com

    Follow Me on Social Media @RebeccaGraceQuilting


  6. I have always felt there was a “stitch out of place” behind that always effervescent smile. I have watched you a bit up close, but mostly from a far grow more and more in your creativity and strength. I covet your talent, kindness, smile and sincerity. You are a model to aspire to, not only in quilting! Feel good!

  7. I’ve had IBS for 20 years, and working in the International Space Station division for Boeing was more stress than my body could take. I get it. Don’t let it stop you from doing what you love is what I say.

  8. We never know how strong we are until we are tested. You have proven yourself to be very strong…you go through adversity and come out the other side with a smile on your face. So glad you have friends to lift you up when you are down!

  9. I enjoyed your post and glad you had such a wonderful vacation. started diarrhea just as covid started. Nothing helped. My doctor said via phone to take Imodium. Told her it upset my stomach too much. Then she said take pepto B. That didn’t help at all. Finally after 9 months and 3 doctors later I was diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. The meds I was taking ($600.00 a month with discount) still did not stop the diarrhea. Two months later diagnosed with collagenous colitis. Finally meds (different meds and much cheaper) worked. BUT still have bouts and never know when it will hit. Always have to know where a bathroom is and how quickly I can get there. My doctor and myself have been able to refine the meds and my diet, I even feel normal most of the time now. I can relate. I’m retired, thank goodness. I could never have worked, in public. Thankful some of your business is on line. Stay safe and well Peggy Evans

  10. You are not alone! I have struggled with IBS and a number of autoimmune conditions for decades. I know where every public bathroom is in my county. Somehow the past few years have been better for me. Working from home, doing yoga at lunch every day, eating real food…. gradually things have gotten more under control. It is certainly helpful to remove the stress of trying to hide IBS. We are all real people, in the end. Love your quilting and your rulers!

  11. Yes it’s always fun learning a little something about anyone. Family is so important and I’m glad you were able to get together albeit not under the most favourable conditions. And to have a support group of girlfriends is the best. Yes and back to the quilt stuff – doesn’t mean I’m gonna like feathers any better! Lol

  12. I think it is nice for you to share. Like you said, many of us have the same problem and we don’t talk to about it. You make it a great conversation opener with our friend(s). I am always so happy to meet someone that is well known (like yourself) and to learn they are so normal and down to earth (like me) haha. I have enjoyed taking your classes and seeing your works in progress.

  13. Oh….I forgot to add…..I loved your bit about IBS and then your comment about having y our shit together…..hahaha….that’s what I mean by being normal. Hahahah

  14. I have the best gastroenterologist ever. My IBS became so severe I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere for fear of not being near a clean bathroom. My doctor prescribed a tiny miracle pill called Lomotil. I take one every morning and it’s reduced IBS attacks by about 95%. I keep a couple in my purse so if there is an emergency, I take the Lomotil and it works in minutes. Talk with your doctor and hopefully you’ll have similar relief.

  15. Thanks for sharing Lisa. I struggle with IBD and with a busy life it is quite a balancing act. Also, thanks for mentioning the app, I’m going to research to see if it can help for my condition as well.

  16. Have you looked into getting an Organic Acids Test? It’s a gut health test. My Dr recommended it for me because we are trying to improve my allergy situation. That test identified several issues that I didn’t even have symptoms for! It’s a few hundred dollars but was worth every penny for me. After two months of treatment I solved some problems that I didn’t even know I had. I feel like a new person. If you want to know more specifics about it just email me. I’ve been reading a lot about it being used for people with various digestive issues.

  17. I’ve definitely missed reading what you’ve been up to be so happy to read that you got to enjoy a trip away to have some much needed time for yourself. I’m sure the IBS is difficult to deal with but it sounds like you are on the path to better days ahead and many here have offered other suggestions.
    I admit I went through a period of mourning again about the end of MQX. I always enjoyed seeing you there and taking classes with you all the other fabulous instructors. I hope to see you at an upcoming show again someday not too far in the future.

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