Are you an Overthinker?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary meaning of “overthink” ~ to think too much about (something) : to put too much time into thinking about or analyzing (something) in a way that is more harmful than helpful.

I am definitely an overthinker. It is rarely a good thing because I can almost become a bit obsessed over what I am “overthinking”. Do any of you have this trait? Please tell me I am not the only one.

My latest (I’ll call it an overthinking project) is a small wallhanging. I had some leftover pieces from my MetroRing quilt and since I didn’t know what else to do… I thought.. a wall hanging. My problem was I really didn’t have enough pieces for the size i wanted. So I had an idea that the outside rings I would make out of just one fabric. I think I like it.. and am really overthinking it.

This will eventually be a sample for a new class called.. Full On Feathers and Fill! So I can’t overthink for too long or it will never get done. LOL

So my question to you… do you overthink things? And what type of things do you overthink? Leave your answers in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Are you an Overthinker?

  1. I have a tendency to overthink quilting matters more than anything else. I’m also a person who sees what must be done and just does it without thinking, so I’m not sure where that puts me on the overthink spectrum.

  2. Definitely an overthinker, but I really like the solid rings. Just please rearrange the bottom pinwheel into a pinwheel before you put it together 🙂

  3. I think it looks fine. In fact it looks perfect for showcasing all your beautiful feathers! Not all of our quilts can be “best of show”. Sometimes we have to just go for it. One new thing I have learned from taking your class, is to leave a little blank space to show off the quilting. Before, I tended to pick quilts where every square inch was pieced. Now I’m learning to appreciate a better balance between the quilting and the piecing!

  4. I’ve discovered that I tend to overthink most aspects of the qoprocrss, from which fabrics, which pattern and what quilting designs to put where. I also overthink what recipes to make for a dinner party or event. Maybe I should just lease myself and worry less what other people think🙄

  5. I definitely overthink things. Not everything, but absolutely quilting designs/motifs! I can agonize/waffle for days or weeks.

  6. Absolutely an overthinker (& poor planner) at times I definitely appreciate all the help I get. Thank you. Lisa you are wonderful I love this and will try to join in. L

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