Fb Live

I got a number of emails that the video either didn’t work or it was so small you couldn’t see it. I’m so sorry. Please give this link a try! https://app.searchie.io/watch/04NyBvXVqa

I will be doing another FB Live today at 5PM EST on the Quilter’s Groove FB page. Gonna go over some designs for one of my quilts. Hopefully you can join me!

6 thoughts on “Fb Live

  1. I particularly loved the captions generated underneath. I saw it from your email link and will keep trying to catch up with you–love how you explain things!

    • Thanks so much! The captions are nice especially if you are watching while others are around.
      Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. lisahcalle.com there is a link there to subscribe

  2. Hi Lisa. Idid get to see replay somewhat. Still small but the closed captioning went right across the center & blocked seeing your design. I did have to leave because the flickering finally got to me. Hope it came out nice! L

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