Showing up every week!!

Hi all… first off, thank you so much for following my blog. I am determined to get better at showing up not just in the blog but on social media as well. I just closed the Quilter’s Groove® Heirloom Academy for the 3rd time. Last week I did 3 webinars and Wow… I had so much fun that on Thursday… I decided to do a FB live!

Why do I not do them more often? It brings me joy to connect with other quilters and share our stories… the only thing I can think of is life gets in the way. Busy being a mom, an entrepreneur and we can’t forget avid golfer really is a time suck. So I am hoping that you all can help…. I will be showing up here in my blog, my newsletter and on FB live…. at least one of these a week… what I need from you, let me know what things you need advice on in your quilting journey. Whether you are starting a business and want advice or quilting help.. this will give me a jumping off point to help you!

So I thought I would give you the FB live I did last week. (You can forward past the countdown timer) It is me designing for a top that I have coming up. Let me know what you think in the comments!!

10 thoughts on “Showing up every week!!

    • If you are subscribed to my newsletter and/or blog, those don’t require anything on Facebook. I totally understand, I have many students that don’t enjoy FB. Also my classes are not on FB… there may be a group component on there but my Q & A;s are done on Zoom. Hope to see you in my newsletter. 🙂

  1. My struggle is – how to get started. I opened an etsy shop, started an instagram page and a FB page dedicated to my art quilts, but I’d rather be quilting and creating than spending my time on a computer. I hate technology and the time it takes to figure it out. Ideally, I think I need a marketing student.

  2. Lisa, I love your method, but unfortunately, this video stays *really* small. The arrows that should make it come up full screen do nothing. That means that the details are very hard to see and even not visible at all. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks in advance!

  3. Anything you do, I will follow. I’m completely devoted to you and your methods. I’m not ready for the academy but I’m on track to get there this coming year. ♥️

  4. As I have been doing more free motion and ruler work, I have had to put my machine in the shop going on 3 times now. The timing is off, the bobbin causes loops, etc. Any suggestions re what I should be doing to prevent this?

    • Hi Ann, That is weird. Are you running in a regulated mode? or are you in manual? I am assuming you had been doing computer work but if the timing is off.. it would effect you no matter what mode you were in.

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