The Tale of 2 Bunnies!

My friend Barbara Persing created the most adorable pattern called Babyhood! It includes not just one pattern but 4 different baby quilt patterns. I made 2 of the bunnies and had so much fun! Now you know how much I love custom work so that’s what i decided to do. Here is the first one I made..

The second one I decided to do an allover design! I chose one of my favorite Urban Elementz design square spiral

Surprisingly I love the one with the all over design! What do you think? Leave it in the comments!

I just gifted the one with the all over design to the most adorable couple at my club that just had a baby boy named Adam.

Have a great day!


14 thoughts on “The Tale of 2 Bunnies!

  1. i’m also surprised, but i like the all over pattern best as well! not that the coustom quiting isn’t wonderfufl it is!!!!!

  2. I prefer the custom quilted version because the bunny is more defined. He kind of disappears in the all over version. Love your quilting in any case.

  3. Hi Lisa. I love the pattern & both quilting expressions. I thought the blue bunny was a bit busy and would probably not have quilted the overall pattern in him (only my 2 cents)
    What a lucky recipient Adam is! Thanks for sharing. Love your work!

  4. Your custom makes the bunny and the grass pop and are much more apparent in the design. But, E2E is always a good choice for baby quilts that will be washed a lot. Nil your friends quilt pattern is precious!

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