It’s always a good thing to review!!

I haven’t turned my machine on in a couple weeks and I am getting ready to load one of my UFO’s.

Summer Blossoms by Studio 180

Can’t wait to get started on it. So I have my quilting plan and it involves some continuous curves. I realized its been awhile since I’ve done CC so I thought I better practice. Since I needed to practice… I thought maybe I wasn’t the only one. LOL.

Here is a quick video… If I want precision… I will use a ruler to do these simple CC but in a busy fabric… it’s all freehand!

Here is a little worksheet for you to practice on!

If you find this helpful… leave me a comment and I’ll post more things like this!

Have a fabulous day!


21 thoughts on “It’s always a good thing to review!!

  1. Enjoying the video and the download. Tracing Paper over the sheet sounds better to me than making multiple copies of the template. Thanks for getting me to practice.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Very helpful….I tend to confuse myself every time I try to do something like this. Thanks for the printout..

  3. Thanks for the practice sheet and the reminder…no, you are not the only one. LOL

    Betty Jo Tatum

    Betty Jo’s Fabric Arts

    Ashburn, Virginia

  4. enjoy your work! The quilt top looks very pretty before quilting too. Just a shout out that I enjoy your teaching

  5. Thank you for the practice sheet. It always helps to refresh my memory. I couldn’t view the video, however😩.

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