Are you a planner?

Hi all,

When I ask if you are planner, I should say are you a planner user? I love planners but they have to be physical not digital. I need to be able to physically cross things off my list. How about you? Yes to a planner or no, you just wing it.

I have used so many over the years and I always start strong. Franklin Covey, Passion planner and Buller journals are just a few I have tried over the years. Each one fell short for one reason or another. When you are running a business though, I have found that I need a list each day or I tend to wake up with little to no direction.

This definitely doesn’t work for me. I need a plan for my day. So this past fall with all my spare time (thank you Covid) I discovered the Full Focus Planner. Wow! I love this planner. Best of all there are video instructions on how to use it! 😳 Yep, I said video instructions.

Some of the best features, in my opinion, are the Goal detail pages, daily rituals and the ideal week! You also get a weekly preview where you go over what worked and didn’t work for the week. So just a couple weeks ago …. I finally watched the video of the Ideal Week. OMG people!! what a game changer.

Of course, the ideal week is just that. It would be your best case scenario! But I will tell you, I have my ideal week mapped out and for the most part… I have stuck to it. I am so much more focused and am getting stuff done!

If you are interested in checking it out… click here. If you decide to purchase, you and I will get $10 off!

I have gotten the basic but they have different sizes and styles. I think my next one will have to be a purple one! I absolutely love mine! Drop me a note and tell me what you use or if you already use the Full Focus Planner.

4 thoughts on “Are you a planner?

  1. I use a planner all the time. I mostly use it to keep track of my bills and when they’ve been paid. I’m also a list maker. Even to the point of making a list when I run errands for the farthest to back to the house. Now my list is what I have to do to close up my house for 6 months and a grocery list for when I get to my other house.
    I am going to check out your new planner. Thanks for sharing.

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