Quilt Worthy?

We’ve all been there… you have worked your a** off on a beautiful quilt that you are gifting and it falls short when given. Whether the recipient doesn’t know how much goes into it or they aren’t into handmade gifts… it really doesn’t matter.

You are devastated because it took you forever to make it. I rarely gift quilts! and I mean almost never! I have found that the majority of people do not understand 1. how expensive they are to make, 2. how much time and effort it takes to make them. So how do you know if someone is quilt worthy?

That is different for everyone. I know quilters that give quilts away to all of their family members regardless. I love that but find it hard to part with my quilts. So for me…. my closest friends and family know how much goes into quilts and would care for and appreciate them. But other than that… I’m not so sure anyone else is quilt worthy.

Babyhood Pattern by Barbara Persing

For those people that may or may not be quilt worthy (you just don’t know) Barbara Persing has designed the cutest baby quilts. You can get the pattern which is only $20 for 4 patterns and do your own fusing or she has some laser cut kits as well. (if they aren’t there, they should soon)

Short story…. I was gonna make someone a quilt and stupidly mentioned to them. Next thing I knew… they were figuring out what pattern I was gonna use…. what colors and fabrics… I was like… wait… wait.. you fail to realize how this quilt giving goes. I make a pattern and choose the fabric that I think you will like and then I gift it to you. They were like… ah no… well, you don’t get a quilt then.

Am I the only one that needs to work with fabric that I like as well as a pattern that I’d like to make?

What about you? I am super interested in hearing your gifting stories. Leave them in the comments!