Virtual Classes added!

Hi all,

I am adding virtual classes to my calendar! So make sure you check it out! Next one is a 3 day feather bootcamp. If you have ever wanted to learn how to execute feathers… this is the perfect class for you!

We will spend 3 days together from 10am – 2 pm EST drawing and stitching out various kinds of feathers. This is the perfect class for a beginner! Save your spot today!

The first 3 day design retreat was such a success that we’ve added another! Sept 8, 9 and 10! Check out what one of the students accomplished in the first class!

This is Jennifer’s finished top! She totally nailed it!

Did you know that I have added quilt coaching, Individual Insight, to my site? You might be thinking what is quilt coaching. Well, it is private one on one virtual sessions with me! Whatever you want to learn…. just ask away. There are different packages to choose from so one will surely fit your needs. Click here for the details.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!


4 thoughts on “Virtual Classes added!

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Can you give more details on the feather class? Do I need rulers? Is it really for beginners? I am very much a beginner. I’ve had my longarm a little over a year, and have quilted about 6 quilts so far. I’m trying to learn rulers and free motion and not rely on pantographs, but its all still a bit intimidating and mysterious to me. Is there a syllabus or materials list for the course?
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Debra. The course is for beginners. We start with very simple shapes and progress through about 6 different kinds of feathers. I am putting together a supply list. No rulers needed. All free motion. I will be putting up my beginner ruler class soon. Just need to figure out some particulars. Hope this helps

  2. thanks, Lisa. I just saw the agenda, and the details of the tech stuff have me stumped. Don’t know how I’d rig a tripod to film myself long arming. So I’ll wait for another opportunity. Thanks.

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