Wow!!! Just WOW!

I received and email from a student, Sylvia Snyder, the other day.  First off, I absolutely love hearing from students!  To know that I have made a difference in their quilting …. well, it makes what I do all worth it.

So Sylvia took my Divide and Design class when I taught it in Maryland at the Bayside Quilters Guild.  This is one of my favorite classes to teach as we cover a lot!!  Most quilters struggle with what to quilt on their top once it is completed.  That’s what this course is all about.   I use a 3 step method of breaking the quilt down into sections and then designing for those sections.

Here are two of Sylvia’s pieces!  One is going to compete in Paducah!!

You might also notice the beautiful edge treatment on the first one.  Sylvia also took Bethanne Nemesh’s class Devil is in the Details.  She went a step further and actually made the beaded binding in gradient colors.  Absolutely beautiful!

Thank you Sylvia for allowing me to be part of your quilting journey and for allowing me to share your beautiful quilts with my followers.


8 thoughts on “Wow!!! Just WOW!

  1. So beautiful…your divide and design class has made me the Quilter I am today…new custom in my studio…always starts on paper..always! Thanks L for all you do.

  2. Gorgeous! I love how Sylvia took what she learned from you and from Bethanne and made it her own. More than any fancy sewing machine, gadget, or anything else you can spend money on, taking classes from top-notch instructors is the absolute best investment anyone can make to take their quilting to the next level!

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