Janis’s Big Win!!!

I was so excited to receive Janis’s email!!

Lisa…do not know if you will get this…but I sent you a thank you a few years back for helping me quilt my first customer custom quilt…your classes have made me a really..I think…good Quilter.   Below is my first big win as a Quilter and waiting to see if my client and I get into AQS Daytona Beach 1st entry….still waiting.  I asked if you would please come to Florida…we have great golf courses.   I see you are on the list for Daytona Beach and you can bet ….I will be in those classes.  I know you have been thru a lot of changes in your life in the past year and I hope all is well.  Just wanted to let you know in this big world you are always in my thoughts….thanks again for all you do.

As a teacher we never tire of hearing our students success stories and I personally love to share them with the world!

Janis’s quilt won a blue ribbon!!! And I am quite certain I’ll be seeing this quilt in Daytona!!

Congratulations and thank you for sharing Janis!!

7 thoughts on “Janis’s Big Win!!!

  1. I saw Janis’ quilt at our Quiltfest Show in JAX! It was absolutely beautiful…she definitely deserved a blue ribbon (was definitely my personal favorite at our show)! Hope to see it it again in Daytona! Lovely job, Janis!!!

    Lisa, I am a huge admirer of your beautiful work AND I believe you are an outstanding teacher. Thank you for everything you do!

  2. Beautiful quilt and quilting. I hope to be able to do work that lovely one day!

    Such nice compliments about your ability to teach others your craft, Lisa. As an educator, its comments like this that motivate teachers to keep teaching. Hopefully you will continue to teach and share your talents for years to come.

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