Love these Emails!!

For those of you who own your own business… you will probably agree.  Owning your business is a wonderful thing but sometimes it is extremely difficult!  So when I receive emails from my customers about how happy they are with their purchase, it makes my heart sing.  Here is a recent email I got from Carmen!


Hi Lisa!
This is the “ Baptist Fan” pantograph I used to use.

Okay results -nothing great.

These were borrowed from a friend-not very good at all! Forget it!!

This is the first row on this 1920s patchwork using your awesome ruler set!!!! Loving it!!  Your rulers & tutorial is my NEW go to for this design!! Thank you Sew very much!
Soringfield MO

Thank you Carmen for sharing!!!

Here is a link to the Baptist Fan tutorial Carmen is speaking about.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!!

I am off to Vermont to visit The Champlain Valley Quilt Guild!


2 thoughts on “Love these Emails!!

  1. I totally agree… using Lisa’s circles for The Baptist Fan is the best. In fact, I am quilting the Baptist Fan with my Q20 today? The video is what really helped….very clear to understand.
    Thanks Lisa….love all the rulers I have purchased from you!

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