Spring Show Season

The spring is always a busy show schedule and this year…. (I don’t know WHAT I was thinking)…. I booked 4 major shows…. this doesn’t even count Road to California.  Which was awesome by the way. If you are thinking about going…. GO!

So first on the schedule was Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Virginia.  I was so excited that Jolene Shindler could make it again this year to help me in the booth.  Our booth neighbors, again, were Jackie Gauker of Jackies Woolens and Barbara Persing of Barb Persing Designs.  We always have fun when we are together.   The shenanigans that happen in the booth….. well, they just keep going in the hotel.  This year, Jolene and I went to Ulta… we decided we needed to do a hydrating mask.  OH boy….

We found masks that look like animals… Don’t laugh too hard.


The masks were very difficult to keep on our faces because we were laughing so freaking hard.  Once we were sufficiently hydrated…. we thought our housekeeping people would get a kick out of it…

Next up was Lancaster… this show I was only teaching at.  Which I absolutely LOVE!!  I so prefer teaching to being in a booth.  So I think my plan is to do more teaching and less booths.   My students were all incredible and as always… AQS does not disappoint.  I got to judge this show… WOW, the quilts were amazing.

Then home to panic…… 2 more major shows….. MQX- teaching and booth and then Paducah a week after I get home from MQX.  Now, this wouldn’t be so bad except I had to ship everything to Paducah by April 5th.  🤦‍♀️ Talk about a ball of stress…. But I got it done.  Phew…..

Now I’m gathering everything for MQX where the band will be together again…. Jackie, Barb, Jolene and myself.  Watch out Manchester…. Here we come.



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