phew… it’s done…

So i have finished the move! I went from a big beautiful studio to a small quaint space.  I purged quite a bit of stuff that I totally didn’t need and it felt quite good.  Now I know the items in my studio will be well loved and well used.

Here is a video I put together when we built my old studio.  I will certainly miss all that space.


My new space is quite a bit much smaller but I am sure it will be just as effective as the bigger space.  I am hoping that it will make me more organized.  😂 I know it is probably wishful thinking.  Here are some pics of the new space.

Oh My Bleeding Heart has a new home.

Rulers are hung and there is space for more…..

No Judging!  Yes, I know my stash is small but it is mighty!

Now since my space is small, there was not room for the rulers and all my teaching stuff inside so thank goodness I have a garage.  But it is nice and organized.

What must haves are in your studio?  Love to hear.

What to do when…..

What do you do when you’ve hit a creative wall??  This happened back in 2010 after Brody was born and I was able to move out of it with a challenge quilt.. This time around not much seems to be helping.

I’ve tried sewing some simple things…. I’ve been blanket stitching this applique quilt.

While I am loving this color combo which is totally outside of my norm…. it’s just not doing it for me.   I am hoping when I go to quilt the one that is in my color zone… it will help get me out of the rut.

Walking away isn’t really an option as this is my business.

So peeps… my question to you, What do you do when you need inspiration?? Any and all suggestions are welcome!