Lisa Where The Heck Are You?


I’ve recently received a couple of messages of, “Lisa, where are you?” and “Lisa why haven’t you shown us any love over the past two months?”.  Firstly, I’d like to thank those individuals who sent those kind inquiries.  Secondly, has it really been two months?



Unfortunately, I’ve been fabric deep in completing all the boring, and daunting, administrative aspects of my business.  Nope nothing quilty, or fun has been transpiring in my studio.  I’ve been doing more pencil pushing than threading needles that’s for sure!

Now if you are a current blog follower the saga of  Oh, My Bleeding Heart. is nothing new to you. What will be new is that the saga wasn’t quite over since I last posted. And here’s why; I chose to block it again right before Houston. Why I would push my luck with this quilt I have no idea. Because once again the piece bled; did I mention that I brought this upon myself right before my trip to Europe.

Obviously time was not on my side so I couldn’t take a stab at removing the bleed (for the second time). So I stood peering down at this project with two options. One choice was to simply pull the quilt from the show, but this would prohibit me from being able to submit another design for next three years (that’s 1,095 days).  My other option was to move forward and provide Houston with what sat before me; bleed and all. Do I? Don’t I? Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment but I chose to send “Oh My Bleeding Heart” to Texas.


I was in total disbelief when I received a notification that it had won an award. I’m still pinching myself trying to comprehend that this quilt found a way to speak to the judges.  Why, or how, it won I won’t know until the awards ceremony.  I’d like to think that between the name of this piece, and the bleeds that appeared, its voice resonated with those gazing over its content. Maybe this quilt symbolizes the beauty and the flaws that resides within each and every one of us. Its voice shouted “regardless of circumstances, I am worthy of being noticed and acknowledged”. Whatever the reason I’m so proud that, imperfections and all, this quilt stood out and spoke to those in its presences.

Now, if this quilt speaks to you… you can have a small piece of it.  The small quilt below will be auctioned off.   Yes, you will have the opportunity to bid on this little quilt that certainly provided a journey within my heart. This is such a bittersweet moment for me; I love this quilt so much that I might just have to bid on it myself! LOL

So Houston is just around the corner! I will be in booth #1334 this year which is right across the aisle from BERNINA!!  Will I see you there? I sure hope so!


16 thoughts on “Lisa Where The Heck Are You?

  1. Omigosh! How in the world did Oh, My Bleeding Heart have the nerve (or the spare dye) to bleed yet again??? I’m so happy that it won, nonetheless! As for the beautiful small version, please send it to me ASAP — you have my address. 😉

  2. So happy for your win, Lisa! The name and the bleed, do seem to go together! LOL It’s beautiful! Great to hear from you!

  3. Congratulations Lisa. I remember seeing this quilt in progress when I would bring my quilts to your house. Even unfinished I could tell it was a winner.
    Always fun to hear from you.

  4. Congratulations on your win and welcome back! What a great “rest of the story” on the name of your quilt, the new bleed and win! Definitely the judges were onto something very special!

  5. After following your heartbreak from the beginning with this beautiful quilt, I am blown away that you were brave enough to get it wet again!!! Congratulations on your win in Houston – can’t wait to find out what you won and what the judges’ comments were…please share them with us! It is such a beautiful quilt…I’m so sad that I can’t come to Houston and see it in person, but it is probably for the best because a grown-ass woman should not appear in public with a bib to contain her drooling!!!

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