Birmingham, Switzerland~Oh the Places I Go!

This year’s Festival of Quilts, located in Birmingham, UK was beyond words. Having the opportunity to meet all my European, Facebook friends was priceless. Between the classes, spending time in the BERNINA booth, and hearing those around me rave over the Q Series the event was amazing. I love when I listen to clients share the same enthusiasm that I do over a product; like the incredible Q Series! Unfortunately, my rulers sold out, however, there’s no reason to hit the panic button. If you are in the UK you can visit Frank Nutt BERNINA and there you will find my rulers readily available.

Hotel glitch ~ Yes there was a slight inconvenience during my short stay in the United Kingdom. Dare I say the HOT WATER in my room was often unvailable when showering. Sorry, but I don’t feel “exhilarated or alive” when tiny ice pellets descend upon my body. So, in order to make the best of the situation I regressed to my college days of living “dorm style”. This means I scampered down the hall, shower caddy in hand, to a room that did have hot water.  This continued each day when my shower chose to hang it’s invisible “Do Not Interrupt” sign from it’s showerhead. I will never take a lukewarm, fairly warm, or hot shower for granted ever again!

Onto Switzerland

My feet have now landed me in Switzerland. The above picture is the view from my room, pretty spectacular! Today is my “down day”, a day to take a deep breath and relax. Yet my mind is reeling with all the things I need to accomplish for the days ahead.  No rest for this quilter. Come Wednesday and Thursday I will head to the Creative Center in Steckbornt to teach a few classes; I cannot wait to meet many new faces and share my love of quilting.

After a great night’s sleep and a long, hot shower, I wandered along the lake by my hotel. It was such a peaceful stroll; gazing across the water I took in the sight across the way; Germany. It is so amazing to be in one country and have the ability view another country only a body of water away.  For more pictures and fun insight on my travels make sure you’re following me on Instagram for my Insta Stories….

One Last Thing..

Don’t forget the FREE domestic shipping til August 20th.   All orders will ship August 22nd.  I have also discontinued the ProCurve rulers but you can purchase them here.  It’s first come first get, so make sure you get before they are gone.



You Ordered…When Do I Deliver?

I know, I know you’ve ordered, so now when do I deliver?  Putting those items into your cart and pressing the “purchase” button is pretty exciting, but nothing’s more exciting than having those boxes appear at your door! That being said:

ALL orders will go out on August 22nd!

For those of you that missed the first announcement, or forgot, here’s a friendly reminder that ALL products purchased from now until August 20th, will receive FREE SHIPPING within the United States!

All Orders Will Go Out Aug 22nd

When This Quilters Away…

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You heard right!! While I’m away ALL orders shipped within the United States will receive FREE shipping until August 20th!

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I can’t stay in Europe forever.  Unfortunately, I will have to return to reality which mean free shipping will come to an end.  So don’t miss out, you have until August 20th to take advantage of what is happening while I’m traveling abroad!