Enjoy Mother’s Day….Sale Style!




“Happy Mother’s Day”- Sale Style!

        Enjoy 21% Off The Entire Store                  From May 10-17 2018

***No codes necessary!

(this does not include previously purchased items or iquilt classes)

Whether you’re raising children or fur babies. I’m celebrating ALL of you!

Twenty-one years ago I welcomed my first son, Brandon, into the world.  Since I’ve been in “mom mode” for twenty-one years I felt justified in hosting a sale that provides 21% off the entire store. You heard right, all of those wonderful rulers you have been coveting can be purchased without guilt.   Some of my personal favorites are the Proline 8 and 16  yes, I love those small little lines; and those handy-dandy ProEcho rulers which I faithfully utilize on every quilt !  LETS NOT FORGET..

Simple Nine Patch

The new ProFeather Ruler!  This is a fantastic training tool, as well as a template!  Once you choose to give this ruler a try you’ll find yourself creating freehand feathers in no time.

Do you have a favorite? If so, what are some of them? Curious minds want to know!


Since I’m in the “Mother’s Day” spirit, I’d like you to send me your response to the below phrase.

“My mom always made the best ________”

I can’t wait to hear from all of you! And I wish you all a very, very Happy Mother’s Day!




15 thoughts on “Enjoy Mother’s Day….Sale Style!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Lisa!

    My Mum always made the best side pork. She had a knack for getting it to crisp up just perfectly that I have never been able to master it. It was always a special treat when Mum cooked side pork for me 😉

    Would love to know what your Mom always made the best too!

    Enjoy the rest of your day, Shelley


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