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Feathers… the technique I wanted to learn above all else.  I LOVE feathers, and couldn’t wait to master this technique.  I would invest hours, upon hours, drawing those beautiful images. But let’s be realistic the outcome of my first attempts weren’t very pretty. However, as practice would have it, my skills have matured and my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds since those initial feathering days.

Since I know how agonizing it can be wanting those magical feathers to appear sooner rather than later on your fabric I thought it might be beneficial to share my process. My goal is to prevent students from encountering the same struggles and frustration that I did many moons ago.

The class, “Perfect Plumes” is so close to launching! But before it makes its big debut I feel it necessary to make sure that the majority of students concerns are addressed during this course. “Perfect Plumes” will be a beginner class that guides you through the step by step process and basic shape of the feather. In addition, by the completion of this session you will also understand how to intertwine and hide feathers.  You can expect to have fun learning how to feather away on your fabric!

So before I launch “Perfect Plumes” I ask that you please send me those concerns and major struggles that you have come across when creating feathers. Your success is important to me, so give me your input! My mission is to demonstrate the tools and method that brings the amazing art of designing feathers to your quilting world!

28 thoughts on “Talk to Me Quilters!

  1. Would LOVE to be able to just feather away! Even with practice, my results are mediocre. they begin nicely, but distort very quickly. Beore I know it, my lines resemble anything BUT feathers. Would love to conquer free-form feathers……. filling available spaces instead of rigid perfect lines. Have watched videos, etc. I guess I just need to continue to practice. Sigh.

  2. I have trouble knowing “where to feather from here” in other words, I get lost in feathering. My feathers are not consistent and I don’t seem to be able to control where I am going with them.

  3. I am great going in one direction and one side of the spine, and as for filling in shapes hohum. Need lots of practice I think.

  4. I like all feathers types but I particularly like the ones that are a little more irregularly shaped and playful. However, my first feathers of this type looked like long floppy rabbit ears!
    I also could use some guidance on how to split one plume into two “fluffy” looking plumes bending in different directions when heading into a deep curve or within a triangle.
    Good luck, Lisa on your “Perfect Plumes” class!

  5. Back in 2015 you did a series called Feather Friday and that was when I first “got” what feathers were all about and have loved them ever since. I still struggle when they are inside an arc where some have to be smaller than others to fill the space. Always hyperventilate when I do that but are slowly learning to take one at a time and stop – plan – then stitch one more plume – and repeat. I know your next class will be awesome!

  6. I think I have the shape of feathers down pretty good but have problems with tracing the previous feather to do the next one. I prefer to do individual feathers rather than bump back even though I know you have less to trace on the bump back. I just never have gotten the hang of the bump back; probably just need to try them and practice them.

  7. I’ve tried several ways to feather inside curves with less than beautiful results. The tighter the curve the less graceful my fronds look. I’d love help in this area.

  8. Lisa: I tried to comment earlier but I guess it did not send properly. I would like to know how to do the inside of a circle (double circle?). It seems so hard to get all aligned. Even if a small circle is inserted in the center as a guide. The Angle Seems off when I finish it😂! Thanks so much Louise

  9. I struggle with the left side, I am right hand dominant don’t know if that is the problem- right side looks ok left side not so much😱

  10. I love feathers and struggle going in all directions…new owner of a Bernina Q24, I look forward to your new class!

  11. I need to learn proportion on both sides of the spine, maybe how to do a curved line. Some come out OK, others not so much!

  12. Have taken your classes and have your dvd – enjoy your techniques and use them. How about addressing accurate backtracking? Either over the top or the length. I think even non-beginners (like me!) struggle from this and could benefit.

  13. I have spent many hours drawing and stitching feathers to get to some level of ability with them- a lot of time and work for sure, but worth the triumph in the end. I think what I struggled with earlier on was knowing or deciding when to use what kind of feather, the pros and cons of different techniques.

  14. Filling in feathers going around corners. Mine never turn out looking very good. I love your classes and I am sure this one will be great as well. Thank you for all your teaching.

  15. I love freeform feathers, but I have trouble with a couple of areas. It is hard to do feathers in any direction but vertically! Also, I have difficulty getting my feathers to look nice on inner curves.

  16. I have a problem making them meet in the right place as well as the size of the plumes. I learned so much from you last year at Birds of a Feather. Thanks Karen Taylor

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  17. I’d love to see how you get your feathers so nice and rounded at the end. Mine tend to get a little bumpy or jagged. I’d love to figure out how to do feather fills in any shape. Can’t wait for this class!

  18. If I start out with nice feathers, but as I move up the spine they get out of shape and not pretty at all. Love all your stuff, thanks for all you do.

  19. I can get around a corner, make larger & smaller plumes to fit an “up and down” design, but when it comes to any time “back tracking” is required to go on to the next plume…I just cannot seem to keep a good line.

  20. I am with Sue, I can do a good feather, but the back tracking gets me. It makes the feathers look like sloppy in the end.

  21. I have two big issues when doing feathers, one is the feathers tend to get two fat and the second issue is to many passes over the stem, the thread starts to show to much. I have tried doing both sides at one pass to eliminate thread build up, but it looks bad. I need a lot more practice and lots of direction.

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