What I “Did” VS What He “Thought I Did”

The MidAtlantic Quilt Festival was upon me, and I had yet to make a sign for my booth.  I was hell-bent on creating a sign; I refused to present my space without it! No way, no how, this quilter was in a “get out of my way” mode until this task had been accomplished (I’m sure many of you can relate to a project that brought you similar feelings) Was having this piece absolutely necessary? Was the world going to end if I my sign wasn’t present at the show? When I am in a sane state of mind I would obviously say, of course not.

So I kindly informed my husband, Jon, that I was going to allow my studio to hold me hostage in order to erect the lovely sign for my booth.  Many hours later, and I mean MANY, I emerged, weary, and blurry eyed; but victorious!  My company sign was finished!  I was so proud, and yet Jon raised his eyebrows at me like I was some lunatic. I wanted to grab his cheeks and say, “Hello? Do you understand what I have just accomplished?” But I refrained from doing so and relished silently in my personal success.  It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to read my husbands FB post that it became very apparent that he had no idea the “type” of sign I was making. Silly boy!

BTW, it looked fabulous in the booth and was well worth the hours of stitching.  I hope my husband realizes that sharpies and poster board are for beginners, this quilter is a little more advance than that 🙂

19 thoughts on “What I “Did” VS What He “Thought I Did”

  1. As well he should be amazed! That ‘sign’ is gorgeous! I’ll bet you made more than one head spin with that! Well done!!!

  2. What, he thought it was amateur hour?! I think he was pretty impressed! Will you be at the Lancaster show? I’m pretty much afraid of my beautiful Bernina, will be looking for some hand holding at the Bernina booth!

    • Carol, I will be giving a couple of lectures at Lancaster. I’m not sure how much time i will be in the BERNINA booth. Why are you afraid of it…. it can’t hurt you and you can’t hurt it!

      • First quilt went pretty well, second… not so much. Lots of thread breakage, tried multiple suggestions to alleviate that… got it done but very frustrating. It sounds kind of rattle-y (can’t think of another word for this) and I don’t know if that’s a normal sound and I’m just not used to it, or if I’m slowly ruining it by not recognizing sounds of trouble. I have been digging out old ufos to use as my guinea pigs do I don’t ruin anything special. I bought it at Lancaster last year, and did lots of practice panels but don’t trust the process I guess… I’m looking forward to “listening” to the Q24 at Lancaster to hear what it’s suppisec to sound like before I tackle anything else. My big thing:tension… the machine and me, ha! I am not sure how you know how to adjust the upper tension. I get the bobbin tension ok. I’m going to the Aurora Illinois training in May, really looking forward to gaining confidence there.

  3. Well, I guess it is a good thing you didn’t ask his assistance in creating said sign!! Gorgeous sign…now, do I need one to hang in the window of my studio??

  4. He SHOULD understand! LOL! Thanks for adding this class. Some of us are just feather challenged. LOL! You are the best mentor.

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