24 Hour Drive-We Got This!


Driving, I actually enjoy it, seriously I find it therapeutic to listen to a little music, put on my sunglasses and hit the road.  Until you say the three words “24 hour drive”.  Since my trip from hell, driving back from Houston, I will announce loud and clear that I’m NEVER EVER AGAIN making a “24 hour drive”.  Yes, I said,“NEVER” and I meant it!

The Houston Quilt Festival ended on Sunday at 4pm.  Judy and I packed up the booth in record time and were ready to hit the road at 5:30pm.  A whole half hour ahead of schedule, wahoo!  Our plan was to drive four hours, on Sunday, and end up in Baton Rouge!  Unfortunately the travel gods had a different plan in mind for us. Within a half hour or so we encountered some of the most ridiculous traffic ever.  Why was it so ridiculous, well normally you have bumper to bumper traffic due to an accident, congestion due to volume, but not on this day.  No, we crept along at a snail’s pace, and I mean an elderly snail’s pace.  But after about 30 minutes..POOF….all was clear.  Even the WAZE app appeared to be stumped.  It was a Google Maps and WAZE mystery!

The moon was amazing… the photo not so much.

We made it to Baton Rouge, not in record time, and put our feet up.  I briefly  allowed myself to think “ok, this trip might not be so bad”.


Below is a picture of Judy and I with our trusty steed (I believe that picture was the 10th attempt of getting a photo we both could agree on, can you imagine what the other photos looked like?).  A huge thanks to Rob for letting us drive it home!


Destination: Roanoke VA…or not.

This was to be the long travel day.  Our goal was Roanoke, Va, however, at around lunchtime we realized that our expectations were set a bit high.  So we settled for an hour south, Hello Wytheville, VA!

This looks like an interesting pit stop for a potty break.


The picture below had my blood boiling!!! The poor dog was obviously so unsteady on his feet and appeared very nervous. What kind of person drives 75 mph, on a highway, with their dog traveling in the bed of the truck? Seriously, I wanted some cop karma to come his way!!

I did feel a little better having my handy-dandy Swedish Fish nearby.  I was starting to go a bit stir crazy at this point.

Who knew Alabama was the never-ending state? We felt as Alabama  seemed to go on forever, we shouted with glee when good ol Georgia came into view.

Hello Chattanooga! And Hello Ryan! My middle son, Noah, has a friend that goes to school in Chattanooga so we figured why not pause for a small break and visit Ryan. He seemed to take our impromptu drop in very well..lol

Thirteen hours of driving and we finally arrived in Wytheville.  Thirteen long hours!

Day 3:  Eta to arrive home: 3-4 pm

Not gonna happen, DC sucks!!  Traffic was horrendous and I’m being kind.  So how do two chicks, that are filled to the gills with Swedish Fish, and going bat crazy from being in vehicle pass the time?  We created a card and every 1/2 hour we checked off the time (see below). Strange, weird, ah maybe..but it occupied us enough that we didn’t kill each other or ourselves until we got home..27 hours later in total.   I posted on my Instagram and created stories about the road trip from hell.  So you might want to make sure you are following me on Instagram…. who knows what I will post next?



Did I mention it also rained that last 3 hours of our trip? Well it rained during the last 3 hours of our trip.  Bottom line is that Houston to Philadelphia is a long ass drive.  Not recommended by this quilter.

I thank God everyday that Judy is such a dear friend as well as my sister-in-law.  I could not have endure this trip without her.  And although Judy was a good sport during the entire adventure even she said ….. NEVER AGAIN.

Have you had a trip from hell? Or unexpected obstacles along the way of a road trip? I am sure there is more than one path to hell out there! Please share!

9 thoughts on “24 Hour Drive-We Got This!

  1. I live and drive in Houston. Inexplicable crawling traffic is part of everyday life here. Even if you give yourself an hour to get downtown to a mid-afternoon opera performance, traffic on the freeway turns your 30 minute drive (normally) into an hour-and-a-half and you show up just as they are closing the theatre doors. You have to sit in the literal green room and watch the first act ON TV (when you paid for tickets to actually sit in the theatre) because someone somewhere cut in front of an 18-wheeler (maybe? it might have just been a butterfly that a senior citizen slowed down for – the world may never know!) and slowed all 5 northbound lanes down to a snail’s pace 7-miles-per-hour (during July in 97 degree F temperatures with 85% humidity so that the A/C is sucking down your gasoline like a thirsty man sucks down water in the desert). So, yeah, that may have been my worst road trip, and it was less than 20 miles!

  2. Trip from hell? Oh, yes. *Years* ago, we (hubby, two young daughters, and I) borrowed the in-laws’ little motor home and drove to Disneyland one July. We had a blast — until we started home. We were going from Anaheim to southern AZ, passing through Yuma, the oven of the desert. So of *course* the AC in the motor home didn’t just quit — it quit and broke a hose, funneling hot air (7000°, I’m sure) into the motor home. We decided to stop overnight in Yuma to cool off (yeah, *right*) and start early the next morning before the heat hit. The problem was that Yuma in those days sort of closed down in the summer (smart people), so we had to beg an RV park to let us stay — and the water in the unheated swimming pool was at least 200°. We survived, but it was a close thing. 😉

  3. Here is a better way. From Wytheville, take I-81 north towards Roanoke. Do not go via I-95. When you get just past Winchester, Take 33 to the East, and jump on 340 east. It will take you to Frederick, MD. Then take 15 north to Gettysburg, where you can whip on the turnpike!! I just did Augusta, GA. and this way cut off nearly 3 hours of endless 2mph traffic!

    I have driven from Dallas to Frederick, MD by myself several times. Took only 16 hours, and got to stay in Nashville, TN. (halfway point) one trip and Bristol another.

    My worst trip was a Vegas trip. Flew a cheap airline. When we wanted to come home, the plane broke in Vegas and there was no 2pm flight home as scheduled. I had a class to teach at 8am the next day. We waited for cheap airline to “repair plane” and at 6pm they notified us that parts were coming from Chicago. Not a warm fuzzy feeling….parts arrived about 9pm. By midnight, I am wondering if the 8am class is going to be without instructor. At 2pm, the plane was finally fixed. Arrived BWI at 6:30 am–just in time to drive to the class. I tried to find a shower-but no luck. Poor students were very nice not to mention hair that looked it had been spray dried, smelling of Vegas, and bone tired. But I pushed ahead and finished class. Crashed for about 20 hours!

  4. Lisa, I’m so glad you made it home safely! Thankfully you were going ACROSS Alabama. If you were traveling from the Gulf to Tennessee on I-65, it’s even longer!! It is truly never-ending – even to those of us who have lived here most of our lives!

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