My “Almost” Shoulda, Coulda Been Houston Auction Quilt


It’s almost time to say,”Goodbye September and Hello October.”  Which means that getting ready for the big event in Houston is in full swing!  I am keeping my toes and fingers crossed that I see many of you there; just in case you are wondering where we will be located this year I am here to share that we will be in booth # 1223!




 And if necessary there’s always 24 other options available according to the alphabet!  Does the below photograph look familiar to you? My mind has immediate horrifying flashbacks when looking at it!

No too long ago, I had created a post regarding my  4 year forever quilt….. , and the lovely bleeding that graced it’s presence on my fabric.  Bear with me readers… I had an orphan block for this piece and had decided that after applying some beaded piping and a border on this project I would then quilt it.

My goal was to finally have this completed  for the Houston International Quilt Festival’s auction. I’m sad to report that  Houston isn’t going to happen.  Now, although the process did not meet the Houston deadline I DID finish quilting it!  I’m currently waiting for my friend Liz Haskell to provide me with the fabric needed which will allow me to bind this piece.  Having had the unfortunate experience of  the “4 year quilt bled bath” I am thinking that this scenario could repeat itself with the piece displayed below.  This time I am going to be proactive instead of reactive!  When it is time to block the needed area, I will implement the same process (dawn dish detergent) for this piece.  Typically I wouldn’t block such a small piece but I figure I might be about to learn another huge life lesson in regarding my quilting so better to be safe than sorry!

Below is a picture of the almost finished piece.

After much consideration I have also decided to hold off and reserve this for next years auction piece.  Hopefully I will FINALLY have the 4 year quilt finished in its entirety and entered into the Houston show.

Stay tuned for results on how  the blocking of this piece turns out!

Is anyone else gearing up for Houston? Whether you’re vending, teaching or planning on visiting please share your plans!

17 thoughts on “My “Almost” Shoulda, Coulda Been Houston Auction Quilt

  1. Wish I had ‘orphan block’ that looked like that! One question, though… it’s such a small piece and it looks perfect in the photo… why would you need to block it at all?

  2. My friend and I look forward to the Houston show every year!!! We are telling each other ever day what the count down is! I’m really looking forward to getting a good number of templates from you for long arm quilting!!! (Yeah)

  3. Gorgeous! I was able to get to the show one year, about 20 years ago!! Now that I am back into quilting I would love to see it again. Maybe next year, when your stunning quilt will be entered?

  4. So, so beautiful. Being in the UK I will never get to the show nor be able to bid for a beautiful quilt at the auction but I would so love to own this! It makes my heart sing…

  5. I would love to be there, but alas, no this year – but hopefully next year!! Beautiful work, Lisa. I am a kinda new longarmer, and am really enjoying your iQuilt class! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! Have a great time in Houston!

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