Ruler Anxiety

If I’m repeating myself it’s because what I’m about to say may be a little important.

That being said, the #1 question I am asked is:

“What rulers should I start with since I don’t own a single one?”

 Answer to the most asked question:

Hands down, you MUST have a straight edge.  BUT, don’t waste your time or money purchasing the biggest one out there, bigger isn’t always better.   I suggest getting a ruler that fits comfortably in your hand, because let’s face it if you can’t maneuver the tool easily what help is it? My personal favorite is the ProMini.  I reach for this lovely little ruler when I want to incorporate “stitch in the ditch” into my design.  My next ruler that is a “must have” would be the circles!  You can accomplish so much with these babies!!  There are two different kinds, solid circles and nested circles.  I prefer the solid circles. since I have small hands, holding them is easier.   They are a little more expensive but I feel the money spent is well worth it.  Keep in mind that having a variety of sizes will allow you to accomplish just about everything.  Not too long ago, in May, I shared a post on the Baptist Fan design , which demonstrated the versatility of utilizing different sized circles.  Today, I am going to provide a tutorial on creating the Clamshell design.  Once again it’s with one of my “must have” rulers, as I am referring to the circles.

Do you feel that circles are a HUGE benefit to your quilting?  If so, what’s your favorite design to do with circles?

8 thoughts on “Ruler Anxiety

  1. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my needle to stay centered relative to the outside of my hopping foot so a circle never comes out centered like you would expect.

  2. My favorite shape seems to be an arc and I will use my nesting circles as well as the “wrong” sides of some rulers to get the size I want! I use painters tape to mark the edge of the ruler I want on a seam because I can re-position it easily and it doesn’t leave residue. I have several of your rulers and the outside of them has a lovely curve!

  3. As usual I love your videos. I really appreciate it when quilters show how they do things. I love the music that you used in this video, could you tell me who it is please. Happy stitching to all.

  4. I love to use circle rulers to make arc designs and to outline any type of block that may have curves…they are also great for continuous curve quilting if you have a fear of doing them free-hand or want better percision.

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