When I Grow Up

As a child we all dreamed of what we would become once we grew up.  We’d spend hours pondering on whether we would acquire those far off wants. And many evenings we gazed up at the stars wishing, and praying that we would create a reality out of those “maybe/someday” visions.

Just recently I’ve been asked, “Have you totally grown up? Or do you still have something you want to be become?”  Wow, that question had me reflecting just a little bit! Hmmm, had I reached all the stars in my dream filled sky? Is there something more I wanted to become?  Of course, I love being a mom, a wife, and a successful professional of the Longarm industry, but is there that one dream that I’m still secretly wishing upon?  In one word, yes.



Believe it or not I get extremely nervous prior to my lectures, classes and Trunk shows.  The worries of connecting with my audience and conveying my material in an articulate, intelligent, and entertaining fashion can be overwhelming.  However, on the occasional moments that I have been placed in front of the camera I feel totally at ease. It’s simply me and the camera.  I love that the camera can’t roll its eyes, yawn, or get up and leave the room in the middle of what I am saying.

So if/when I totally grow up, I will be, someday, in front of the camera.  My dream will have me filming, none other than, segments pertaining to Longarm quilting. Did you think it would about anything else?  I say go big or go home…so I’m dreaming big, really big.  And who knows maybe when I really, really grow up I might hear:

     Are you all grown up? Or are their still stars you are wishing upon? I’d love to hear what YOU want to be when you totally grow up!

7 thoughts on “When I Grow Up

  1. Funny I was just talking about day dreaming and wishing and “what to do next” and what do I still want to learn and think about the other day. Is there ever an end to wishing and hoping and the next project and the next skill? Or what to do when you grow up? I hope not. It makes life exciting and I can’t wait to see what is around the next corner for me. Hugs.

  2. I can’t think of anything more delightful than seeing classes or a whole program or even a whole series of classes and projects with you as the star. 😀 You’re about the same age as my boys, and yet I still have things I want to accomplish (yes, in the quilting world) when “I grow up.” Best wishes for reaching your dreams.

  3. After taking your class at MQX, I can unequivocally say I would watch THAT show! Sponsors: she is throwing you a bone, and if you are smart, you’ll take her up on it!

  4. Daughter, sister, wife, mom, grandmother, friend. Self taught (lefty) crocheted, knitter, quilter, longarmer. Work entailed Secretary, accountant, veterinary assistant, school bus driver, truck driver, and Director of Human Resources; but I’ve always dreamed of being an architect. At 74 years of age I still have time to design my dream home. Holding out hope still. 😁

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