Have Wings Will Travel



Yep that’s where I’m headed, but what’s wrong with the picture below? If you said, ” The plane is not in the air” you would be correct!

Red Rocks Resort for Bernina University is my ultimate destination.  This amazing facility is where the Bernina dealers gather each year and are introduced to future BERNINA, concepts and ideas.  We also are given the opportunity to hear about new products, so exciting!  This year brings a little addition to my time at the University as I am teaching two classes tomorrow, both focused on how rulers are used and the most effective ways to sell rulers in shops.


The travel for this yearly jaunt seems to be a challenge, last years trip was to New Orleans.  During that little adventure I was supposed to play golf on an incredible course, but as my luck would have it I flew into Charlotte and had to stay the night.  The next day I took Con Air to Miami and eventually arrived in New Orleans.  Obviously I missed the golf experience.


10:27 am Monday, I should be half way to Las Vegas, but now that we are refueled and pushed back we have been advised that we are being rerouted. So I sit and wait once again but at least my seats mates are cool!

I told my row that once that drink cart is within my line of vision the first beverage is on me.  At this rate we could be having milk and cookies as a bedtime snack.

6:09 pm No bedtime snack required, I finally made it! Now let’s get happy and make the most of my time at BERNINA University.

Do you have one trip that undoubtedly brings adversity and frustration to your travels? If so please share!


3 thoughts on “Have Wings Will Travel

  1. On our way home from a cruise in the Caribbean one February, we were at the airport in Miami by 8 AM for a flight that was to leave at 3 PM. The plane left at about 8 PM and landed in Minneapolis/St. Paul at 10:30 PM…our flight to Spokane left at 10 PM. The airlines said it was weather that made us late so it was not their fault, sorry (not sorry). It was SNOWING outside and freezing and we didn’t leave the airport. A cleaning person told us about the “family room” that had a crib, 2 chairs and a couch. There were 4 of us…the other lady got the couch minus the back cushions, I got the crib mattress with an extra cushion from a chair and our guys got the remaining cushions! Some wonderful TSA folks got us each two blankets from a parked plane. We slept on the floor and caught the 9 AM plane to Spokane. Of course, our checked baggage found its way home a day after we did! I obviously remember this much more clearly then I would have if all had gone smoothly!

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