We Need to Talk…


I have no problem encouraging my students to step out of their comfort zone and push themselves to experience something new but sometimes I don’t always like to practice what I preach.  Yes, I am admitting yet another “Lisa flaw”.  Anyone that read a recent post will recall that I did sew a bag, which is not my thing, and I had a great time.  But I am ultimately a creature of habit and feel very uncomfortable taking steps into “newness” and that includes welcoming new things into my studio easily. And here’s what I mean:

My beloved BERNINA longarm has a friend now.  Heavens no, not another machine, although that thought is very tempting.  LOL  I have the QMatic which is the computer component for the BERNINA.  Now, I’m not a total dinosaur, in the past I did “computerized” quilting but this was back in the day (many moons ago) when I was quilting daily for customers and could not fathom completing projects without computerizing.  Since I currently quilt for myself, I now find it hard to jump in and bring myself up to speed with technology.  Yes, I need to come face reality, and with this incredible addition I’ll be in feeling like a more modern quilting girl in no time.  BUT it will take some practice!


Learning the software is obviously my first goal, however, I also need to become familiar with the new weight of the machine while doing freehand.  Ah, major learning curve! This is extremely important because although the machine doesn’t necessarily feel much different, the swing is a little different.  Therefore, in order to apply those nice backtracking feathers, it requires me to practice, practice and practice some more.  To aid in my training I’ve placed practice fabric (fabric I care less about) to make sure I’m comfortable with the new weight of the machine.  After gaining confidence in the adjusted swing of my machine I plan on tackling a small piece that will hopefully be an auction piece at Houston. Fingers crossed.

Below you can see an orphan block from my four-year, never-ending quilt.  This will be my Houston Quilt Festival Auction piece if I can get my rear in gear and get it on the machine.  Yes, I realize there is a seam ripper in the picture.  Remember I’m a WIP, need I say more?!

This quilt is  more like the four-year and some odd month, never-ending, quilt…lol    Goal 450 billion is to get that finished by the end of 2017.  I refuse to let it become,”The 5 Year Quilt”.

So I’m off to  practice what I preach and throw myself full force into learning, and understanding this new software.  Big girl pants are pulled up, zipped and belted tightly!


What changes have you recently encountered that has you hesitant to step into the new, and unknown?





13 thoughts on “We Need to Talk…

  1. I am also new to my Q24. No, I did not get the Qmatic addition yet. I wanted to be comfortable with my own skills first. Then add an computer. Right now I am dealing with an issue I cannot seem to get a handle on. Of course it is at the end of the quilt. for some reason my bobbin now does not want to catch! Checked tension same as I have had all throughout this LARGE quilt, changed needle, changed even the bobbin case! its like the Gods are against me LOL! I just walked away at this time. My only theory is the thread was at the end of the spool. Perhaps the thread is too twisted? And I should just wind from a new bottom line thread spool. Such a waste of thread though. But I cannot wrap my brain on what could be the issue. Any thoughts out there??

    • Hi Jeanette,
      Sometimes if you walk away, the problem resolves itself.. LOL Did you change the bobbin as well…. I’d try winding a new one and don’t wind it all the way. Sometimes the thinner threads like Bottom Line don’t like to be too full on the bobbin. Good luck.

      • I will try this! I am relaxing with a nice glass of wine…I know it is early…but I am forwarding my clock to New York time darn it and will restart tomorrow. LOL! I might even start piecing something for my next long arm project too. Just to make the long arm miss me! LOL!
        BTW. Think I will leave my big project for when you teach in Las Vegas in the spring. Like to throw some Ideas at you. Hopefully by then I will be a little more proficient.
        Many thanks!

    • The Fix:
      It was the thread. Once I unwound the bobbin and used fresh thread from the new spool all issues stopped. Must of been too many twists towards the end of the spool when it was wound in factory. Since both my last bobbins which were giving me such issues were from the end of this last spool and giving me fits. Yet new spool immediate fix. Sometimes the fix is too simple. LOL!

  2. Software is always challenging to learn, but once learned, it can really pay you back for all the sweat and tears. I think this sounds like a wonderful thing. Too bad they haven’t yet figured out how to do this with the sit down Q20…LOL. I hope you enjoy it and I can think of uses beyond just the quilting for it if you can learn to digitize for it (then you could do thread painting across your quilt…see where my brain goes?) Have fun.

  3. My recent foray into learning new things was in the realm of window treatments. I have always sewn them, but recently under the tutelage of a master seamstress I learned proper techniques to make them look more professional. And with 14 windows to cover in our new home, it’s been a task! 13 Roman Shades done, 1 to go. 5 valances done, 5 to go. The end is in sight! Oh, and I am returning to piecing and quilting. Now, if I can find time to balance this all with my ongoing knitting goals I will be happy.

  4. Holycow Can u watch golf on that screen?
    I was resistant to making bags at first, but I love the bag process…and I can’t pass purses in the store w/o looking thru them 😆👜

  5. Stepping into the “new and unknown” for me, means …stop watching so many long arm quilting tutorials and get my butt in front of my long arm machine and start practicing what I’ve learned! And STOP worrying about making so many mistakes. My practice pieces look really awful (seriously!) …but they aren’t gonna get better by WATCHING another You Tube tutorial (no matter how much I LOVE them and have been inspired by them)! Now that I’ve admitted it…I am going to push past my fear and go quilt for the love of it rather than the results! Here goes…. 🙂

  6. I am really considering investing in a Gmatic, but I have to save up. I am also worried due to it just coming out recently this year. Want to wait till they put it through the paces for a year or two before putting myself in the poor house again. LOL. With my luck they upgrade it right after I buy. LMAO!

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