Move Aside Testosterone


SEW(something I don’t normally do) + Testosterone (my three boys, my husband AND even my dog) = Me sewing a bag.  Yes, you heard correctly, this “quilter” (non sewer) decided on a whim to try her hand at sewing a bag.  And here’s why: I discovered this wonderful pattern for the Sew Together Bag at Pennington Quiltworks.  If you haven’t stepped inside “Pennington Quiltworks” do yourself a favor and pay a visit to this store. In addition to coming across this darling pattern, I also felt the need to embrace the estrogen part of my world, every now and then I feel a little suffocated by all the maleness encompassing my four walls.

A fellow shopper in the store was kind enough to give me a heads up that the directions weren’t the absolute best, (thank goodness for the kindness of strangers) but if I googled the pattern I would find there is a blog sew along (no, not sing along, although I had so much fun I was singing while I sewed)   Click here  if you would like to have access to the blog.  I chose this bag since it was touted as a beginner bag.  Since I like easy peasy and being a non sewer I felt this pattern was right up my alley.  Much to my surprise after googling the pattern, I found that some individuals didn’t agree that this was a beginner bag.  Well, I am very competitive at heart, ask anyone who plays golf with me.  Therefore, I gazed upon this pattern as if it were in a golf course and thought, “Back away from this non sewer, these opinions aren’t going to deter me.”  FYI, lets not forget that I had also invested money in all the materials required to make this little bag so if you think I was about to waste my hard-earned cash Hell no!



Begrudgingly, I read through the directions.  I am a visual learner and I cannot stand reading directions, don’t even think about commenting that I sound like a typical man.  Anywho, I knew that in order to complete this little project I would actually need to follow the instructions step by step.  The struggle was REAL!

DAY ONE: I completed most of the interior.


I actually completed all 3 zippers, now for me that’s pretty darn impressive! Remember people I am NOT a sewer, I am a quilter.  A straight line I can sew, and occasionally a curved one but that’s really pushing it!

DAY TWO: I brought this project to a close, zippers and all!

Regardless of what the task is, new or old, I always learn something new.  As I looked at my finished project I realized I would have liked longer handles. But overall for my initial attempt I am very happy and satisfied with the results.  Lord help me if I stumble across some cool golf fabric, because then there will be many more of these in my future.

Please act surprised when you receive one of these from me during Christmas…LOL



20 thoughts on “Move Aside Testosterone

  1. I took a class at a LQS to learn how to make this. The teacher did say that the pattern wasn’t the best and also said others had posted about how to do some of the less-well-written steps on their blogs. We were able to all make our bags that day (those of us who didn’t hand-sew down the final binding on the zipper). It makes a really cool bag, and once you’ve got it down, you’re right, you want to make more! Congrats on your finish. I am super-impressed!

  2. I made a similar bag, the bionic gear bag. I do know how to sew and it still was a puzzle waiting to be solved. I congratulate you on your zipper expertise. I love that the bag zips closed so my supplies don’t fall out if tipped over. Great for classes.

  3. Your bag looks great!! A bunch of my sewing friends got together and we made that bag a coupe years ago- I LOVE mine! I use it every day as I keep my La Pass hand sewing quilt in it. I take it everywhere. I could use another! Beware of that golf fabric…

  4. Congratulations! I’ve made one of these – and for me one is enough! This bag sure isn’t a beginner

  5. Good job, Lisa. Our Wednesday group made this bag, and we all love it. Each one was so personal with our own fabric choices. I made mine 1″ deeper, and the top zipper a few inches longer. It’s GREAT for my traveling sewing supplies, and made another one for travel toiletries. Definitely a Christmas gift item. It gets easier the more you make! We also made fabulous fabric wallets, and drawstring jewelry bags. A big hit with all my daughters and granddaughters. LOVE your quilting!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You did a great job and no one would think for a moment that you were not a sewer… Love your fabric choices and looks like a real pro made it…

  7. I am impressed. That bag definitely doesn’t look like a beginner pattern to me. It looks great though. More power to you.

  8. The girls in our Bitch and Sew group called it the “damn it!” Bag due to ripping and re-sewing it. It is NOT for beginners.

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